Corries Phill has dangerous link to John Stape as fans rumble DNA connection

Coronation Street fans are certain they've worked out an incredibly dangerous twist in store for Fiz Stape – and it's to do with her new beau Phill Whittaker.

Fiz and Phill have been dating on-screen for the past few weeks, since Fiz's ex Tyrone Dobbs began a relationship with Romanian beauty Alina Pop.

And though Phill seems a gentleman so far – arranging romantic dates for the pair and even putting up with Tyrone lurking under the table while they shared dinner – fans are sure it's because he's biding his time to take revenge on Fiz.

It came as one viewer hilariously pointed out that Phill looks like a combination of Tyrone and Fiz's brother, Chesney Brown.

Taking to the comments section to share their theories, one fan wrote: "I've read he's not what he appears to be!"

Another agreed: "Something not right about him, is he John Stape's cousin or brother coz he looks like him!"

"Think he's something to do with Stape," someone else echoed, as a fourth fan penned: "I read he is something to do with John Stape!"

Serial killer John Stape began his journey on the cobbles as a teacher embroiled in an affair with pupil Rosie Webster, before turning into a murderer after serving time in prison for the age-gap relationship.

He stole the identity of Colin Fishwick after seeing him die, and went on to kill both Colin's colleague Charlotte Hoyle and Colin's mum Joy Fishwick.

John was killed off in a car crash after kidnapping Rosie – but he has returned to the cobbles in one way since 2011.

Hope's tutor Jade was actually John Stape's daughter – and was out for revenge before Fiz rumbled the family connection. So it wouldn't be completely out of the question that he is connected to another Corrie character!

It would be a blow for Fiz if true, as she has been rather unlucky in love – from marrying serial killer John to getting engaged to love rat Tyrone.

Could Phill be the one to break the cycle?

However, other fans have theorised Phill could actually be related to Tyrone instead, with one predicting: "I think he is Ty's long lost dad!"

"I have read he is Tyrone's half brother and is after revenge so maybe not a nice man," someone else chimed in.

It certainly wouldn't be a stretch on the cobbles, as Tyrone has already found one far-flung relative in grandmother Evelyn, after discovering his birth mother gave him up as a baby.

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