Corrie spoiler clip shows looming Justin prepare to launch acid attack on Daisy

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Things are set to take a very sinister turn in Coronation Street when stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) attacks Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) with acid on her wedding day.

A new spoiler video shows the moments leading up to the event, as Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) helps Daisy as she prepares to leave for her big day.

After a disastrous morning which has seen Daisy’s wedding car stolen, Ryan steps in as chauffeur for the event.

As he arrives to drive her to the venue, Daisy stresses over her appearance, worrying about the fit of her dress and the bloodshot eye she woke up with.

Ryan assures her that she looks great, and that Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) is a very lucky guy.

Nervous Daisy says that she wants things to be right, and that, even though her wedding experience hasn’t been quite what she imagined so far, marrying Daniel is the most important thing.

Ryan admits that he is sure they will be very happy together, before hurrying her along.

Determined as ever to stick to wedding traditions, Daisy points out the she can’t be on time, and Ryan mollifies her by suggesting they stop for a burger on the way.

Finally convinced, Daisy allows Ryan to kick out he last of the Rovers punters while she prepares herself.

However, as Ryan locks the doors and turns off the lights, there is one punter that just won’t budge. Justin.

Daisy is horrified when she hears his voice, and slowly turns to face him.

Actress Charlotte Jordan revealed that Daisy fears what he may do to her.

‘The fear will be lurking – ever since he was released on bail’, she explained.

‘She played a bit dirty to get him arrested so she’s wondering if he’s going to retaliate. There are so many layers.

‘She’s been scared, angry, all sorts of things. Seeing him again after being warned multiple times, she’s exasperated and definitely scared of how he’s going to react.’

It has been revealed that in the moments that follow, Justin will attack Daisy with acid.

Is he set to ruin her life forever?

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