Corrie Roy health news, Emmerdale wedding outcome and 23 more soap spoilers

Big discoveries are on the cards for the residents of the soaps next week, as betrayals are exposed and huge news is dished out.

Emmerdale lines up a big wedding week, with Mackenzie Boyd set to find himself conflicted, as Chloe Harris goes into labour on the day of his wedding to Charity Dingle.

Over in EastEnders, Denise Fox has some explaining to do, as the truth about her passion with Ravi Gulati is revealed at last, with Chelsea and Jack Branning left in shock as a result.

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Roy Cropper sent for tests by Dr Gaddas after he suffers from breathlessness, while Hollyoaks’ Misbah Maalik receives a visitor in the form of newcomer Dillon Ray, who is set to move in with her!

It’s going to be another unmissable week in the land of serial drama, that much we can confirm, but if you’d like a not-so-little look at what’s coming up, then we’ve once again hand-picked the top 25 must-see moments, just for you.

What are you waiting for? Get stuck in to spoiler-central below.


1. Denise looks after Amy, who has pulled a sickie, struggling in the wake of recent discoveries. Chelsea reckons that the teen has been drinking and thus Denise investigates, discovering evidence of such a thing, but she’s stunned when her stepdaughter reveals that she knows about the affair with Ravi! Out of options, Denise spills the beans to Jack, who realises the true extent of her deceit as he storms off to confront Ravi.

2. Struggling to contain her panic after the truth is revealed, Amy tries to reach out to Chelsea, who is reeling over Ravi’s betrayal. Chelsea, however, lashes out at Amy for not telling her about the affair and, with emotions boiling over, Amy smashes the mirror in her bedroom.

3. Zack is persuaded to take on the prime fighting slot against Ben in a community boxing match, but he panics when Sharon reveals that he will need a blood test to participate, fearing that his HIV diagnosis will be revealed. After an honest conversation with Whitney, however, he opens up to Sharon and Martin.

4. Howie finally learns the true reason behind the crash as he delivers a letter regarding Kim’s impending court case. Kim worries about her potential sentencing.

5. Suki panics as she discovers a hidden memory stick with footage of her attack on Ranveer and begins to suspect that Nish is keeping evidence to control her. The matriarch, however, is horrified when the memory stick goes missing, with Nish subsequently confirming that he’s got it.

6. Phil convinces Sharon to host a community boxing match.

7. , Suki is devastated when she learns that Kheerat’s trial has been bought forward.

Coronation Street

8. Daniel is stunned when Justin pleads not guilty at his plea hearing and braces himself to break the news to Daisy, who couldn’t face court.

9. Ryan is devastated to learn that Justin has pleaded not guilty, terrified of having to relive the nightmare in court. Afterwards, and with Carla there for support, he looks at his injuries. The surgeon subsequently explains that Ryan is not healing as they hoped and that he’ll need a skin graft.

10. Elaine puts pressure on Stephen to announce their engagement, but Stephen persuades her that they should wait until they’ve moved into their new flat. Michael starts his new role as junior manager and suggests to Stephen that Rufus must have drunkenly fallen into his swimming pool – and Stephen is only too happy to go along with his theory.

11. Roy attends an appointment with Dr Gaddas and describes how he’s been suffering chest pains and breathlessness. Dr Gaddas tells him she’ll arrange for some tests. When Evelyn finds out, she insists on accompanying him to the hospital.

12. Faye is torn when Jackson asks her to move down south with him, shortly before Beth takes her to Victoria Street gardens where a small crowd, including Jackson and Miley, have gathered, as Craig gets down on one knee, declaring his undying love for her, asking her to marry him. What will Faye say and do? 

13. When Billy suggests they book a holiday and offers to pay for it, Paul does his best to appear enthusiastic, but later, he takes a call from his MND specialist, hoping to find out if he’s got motor neurone disease, but when Billy returns home he quickly kills the call.

14. Stu reveals that he’s arranged an interview for Eliza at Oakhill. Eliza, however, admits to Stu that she’s not keen on the idea of Oakhill and asks Sam what Weatherfield High is like. Stu relents and agrees to call Weatherfield High instead.


15. Charity and Moira brawl in the lead-up to the wedding, with Charity subsequently acquiring a replica of the A-Team van for her beau, who is delighted. But things spiral out of control as they’re pulled over by PC Swirling, who reveals that the van was involved in a robbery, landing the bride and groom-to-be inside. By the time they get released, the couple realise it’s too late to get wed – that is, until the A-Team van shows up, with Swirling at the wheel! Charity and Mackenzie resolve to get married in their costumes, but Mackenzie exits on a mission, leaving Charity fearing the worst.

16. Chloe settles down to a pamper session with Sarah when her waters break, as she readies herself to meet the baby. Contraction after contraction, Chloe grimaces in pain, urging Sarah to go to the wedding, later demanding her phone so that she can send a secret message – but to who?

17. Laurel senses something isn’t quite right with Marshall, but what is the matter?

18. Noah tries to reassure Amelia that her lump probably isn’t cancerous, but Amelia worries that Esther will be left with Samson should anything happen to her. After giving it some thought, Amelia admits she still has feelings for Noah, much to his delight, as they reunite with a kiss.

19. Bernice isn’t pleased when Nicola brands her menopause group ‘boring’, and thus she comes up with a new idea for the next meeting – a life-drawing class. Heath, having got wind of the class, tries to sneak a picture of the model who will be posing naked, but when the model calls in sick, Bernice seizes the opportunity to do it herself, unaware that Heath has sneaked his phone through the door and snapped a picture.

20. Chas is taken aback when Paddy announces that he’s been in touch with a solicitor about the divorce. He explains that he doesn’t see the use in prolonging things and asks Chas if she’d like to make a joint divorce application.


21. Donna-Marie continues to spiral and, with no-one there to offer her support, she makes contact with a man named Harold, shortly after James has a go at her over her past mistakes. Juliet, meanwhile, returns home at the worst possible time, receiving a huge shock, which leads her to berate her mum, leaving Donna-Marie truly devastated.

22. Norma is eager to make things right with Warren as she organises a meet-up at the place he was born. After some intervention from Mercedes, Warren arrives at the spot in question, where he discovers the real reason why his mum abandoned him as a baby.

23. Cindy is on a mission to find out who the mystery potential buyer for the market is from estate agent Francis, enlisting Zara’s help to flirt the truth out him. Grace runs off with Francis’ briefcase, which doesn’t offer any help, while Zara encourages Cindy to use legal methods from here on out to gather information. Grace, meanwhile, organises a casino night, with Francis agreeing to the event, which sees bank manager Alex arrive.

24. Following a sudden change in his life, Dave feels a little worse for wear and thus Lizzie calls in Maxine to talk to him, but even she fails to get through to him.

25. Misbah has an uninvited guest in the form of her sisters-in-law’s son Dillon. Making himself at home, the teen is forced to admit that his mum has kicked him out of the house after being expelled.

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