Corrie fans fear Seb has been killed by vile human trafficker

Coronation Street fans were left fearing the worst for poor Seb Franklin after he was attacked by a thug tonight.

Said thug was part of a vile human trafficking ring which Alina is trying to get out of and discovered that Seb was helping her.

After being texted by Alina, who he assumed had received his message, he went to the nail salon to help her.

However it was not Alina waiting for him at the salon.

Instead, Seb was jumped by a man, who threw a bag over his head.

However Seb managed to get a glimpse at the man before he was whacked over the head with a wooden pole.

Seb collapsed, motionless on the ground as the salon owner stood over him with Jan at her side.

"Glad you could join us," she smirked at Jan, who looked worried.

Jan asked: "What do you think you're doing?!"

The thug exclaimed: "What you should have been doing!"

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