Corrie fans baffled as Sally gives herself bizarre role at ex Kevin’s wedding

Coronation Street fans were left scratching their heads as Sally Webster insisted on helping to plan her ex-husband Kevin's wedding.

The character not only wanted to plan the wedding but also made a baffling admission to Abi.

Kevin nearly died after he was locked in a freezer with his sister Debbie for days.

After the ordeal, Abi proposed to her beau and the pair have been planning the ceremony together.

However, tonight Sally admitted she wanted to be involved in the planning process.

Kevin's ex also appointed herself Maid of Honour.

Viewers were aghast and took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Sally's involvement in their wedding.

Some thought that it was strange how involved Sally wanted to be.

One said: "Wouldn't that be a bit awkward Sally, being a maid of honour at your own ex-husband's wedding?"

Another wrote: "Awkward Sally doing the wedding list for Abi".

Others thought it was lovely that Sally wanted to be involved as one said: ""Sally planning her ex-husband’s wedding is something that could only make sense in Corrie and I love it".

"I thought Abi would have had Sally by her side whether she was Kevs ex or not, they are good friends", penned another.

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