Coronation Street's Tim Metcalfe leaves fans 'shouting out the screens' with 'annoying and unrealistic' health blunder

FAN-favourite Tim Metcalfe has frustrated Corrie fans as his health struggles continue.

Wednesday's (January 5, 2022) episode angered viewers, some stating that the cabbie's behaviour towards wife "annoyed" them.

After suffering from a heart attack in 2019, the character portrayed by Joe Duttine began to rethink his lifestyle, determined to take some healthy resolutions for the new year.

He has been supporter by his wife Sally (Sally Dynevor) in his attempt at instoring a healthier routine and, in recent Coronation Street episodes, the couple booked check-ups with Dr. Gaddas (Christine Mackie).

While Sally had nothing to worry about, Tim found out that his heart problems were far from over and he is in desperate need of a triple bypass.

Initially in denial, he eventually comes to terms with his conditions with the support of nurse Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw).

However, in his ordeal, Tim has categorically refused to talk about his problems to one very important person: his wife Sally.

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Usually appreciated for his sarcastic humour, Tim's behaviour is being put on blast by viewers of the ITV soap.

As Tim was accompanied by Aggie to hospital for another appointment with his cardiologist, Corrie fans were left "shouting at the screen."

Most swarmed over to social media claiming his attitude "annoyed" them.

Although worried, most deemed that Tim's refusal to talk things over with Sally was unrealistic.

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"I've got congenital heart disease and it wouldn't occur to me not to tell my partner if something was wrong with my heart. Tim is annoying", said one Twitter user.

Another added: "really irritating when soaps have characters fall ill & them not tell anyone, let alone their partner/wife… they do this all the time & it's not realistic."

A third viewer encouraged Tim to spill the beans to Sally.

"Tim you need to tell Sally", the Twitter used pleaded, "what you have could be serious. She deserves to know that there could be something wrong."

Scared witless, could Tim finally come clean to Sally in an upcoming episode, relieving fan frustration once and for all?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

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