Coronation Street's Tim Metcalfe finally turns on evil dad Geoff leaving viewers delighted

CORONATION Street fans are delighted after Tim Metcalfe finally began to see his dad Geoff’s manipulations and abuse.

The cab driver – who is played by actor Joe Duttine in the ITV soap – has refused to accept his dad is abusive, until tonight when he was leaving the cobbles and seemed to see Geoff for what he is.

Geoff emerged from Yasmeen’s house to try to find out where Tim and Sally were packing up the car.

He said: “What’s all this – a moonlight flit? I’m glad you two have made up, that’s the main thing.”

But instead of warmly greeting his dad, Tim told him: “I heard you laid into Sally this morning and stuck the boot in.”

Geoff tried to insist it was Sally’s fault, telling Tim: “That’s her version of it. You should’ve heard what she said to me. But I’m not one to tell tales so let’s leave it there shall we?”

Tim told him to stop and he looked taken aback before trying to bluster through it.

He added: “It’s alright for some, what am I going to do without my wingman? I hope the locals don’t turn on me now I’m all on my lonely-o.”

Then Tim lost his temper and told Geoff: “Stop it dad, I’m sick of this.”

A shocked Geoff replied: “Sorry son, I didn’t meant to be such a burden to you. I can’t do right for doing wrong, can I? There was a time I was your hero Tim. Nothing’s changed, I’m still the same man.”

But instead of engaging with his dad Tim ignored him and got into the car and drove off.

Viewers were overjoyed that Tim was finally starting to see his dad for the manipulative abuser that he is.

One wrote: "Loved it when Geoff's face dropped as soon as Tim said him and Sally are going away!"

A second said:  "Tim having a go at his Dad! YES. Are the scales starting to come down RE Geoff and he's seeing his Dad's true colours?"

Another added:  "Well said Tim, it looks as if he's starting to see sense!"

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