Coronation Street villain Lydia Chambers teams up with Imran Habeeb in exit twist?

Corrie: Imran and Toyah talk about their fostering plans

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Lydia (played by Rebecca Ryan) has turned Adam’s (Sam Robertson) life upside down after telling his wife, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) the pair were having an affair despite nothing actually happening between them. The lawyer’s life is only going to get worse in upcoming scenes on Coronation Street as his vengeful ex-girlfriend begins to destroy other parts of his life as she wants him to be left with nothing once she is done with him. Ahead of her exit from the ITV soap, Lydia’s attention could turn to Imran (Charlie De Melo) as she realises she needs an inside man to help her bring her revenge plot to a close.

The drama continues next week on the weeknight serial drama after Adam has pleaded with his wife to take him back over Lydia’s lies about the affair.

Sarah is unwilling to budge, believing her new best friend over her husband as she knows he has cheated on her in the past.

Unfortunately, this means the lawyer is losing many allies on the cobbles as his friends and family doubt whether it is possible he betrayed his spouse.

With the police getting involved and having caught him in his ex-girlfriend’s flat, he is taken in for questioning.

He tries to convince the officers the troublemaker has coerced this whole situation and he doesn’t know anything about the charges she has wracked up on a cloned credit card.

It is yet to be seen whether they will believe him but back on the cobbles, Lydia and Sarah come face to face in the Underworld Factory.

A distressed Lydia tells her friend how Adam forced his way into the home and completely trashed the place in a fit of fury.

Sarah is horrified to hear about what her husband has supposedly been up to and later, Adam turns to the one person he thinks is in his corner.

The lawyer explains his situation to Imran and he is sympathetic but unfortunately, news starts to circulate about Adam.

Clients begin to take their business elsewhere and Imran is angry to discover it’s because of his colleague’s latest relationship dramas.

Sam is a huge talent

A source

Things go from bad to worse for the lawyer as he soon discovers he’s been reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

This means he is highly likely to lose his job as Lydia’s quest for revenge takes a deeply unsettling turn by making him jobless.

Knowing he needs to take action, Adam tells his colleague he is going to take a step back from the business so nothing more affects Imran.

However, could it be Toyah Battersby’s (Georgia Taylor) partner knew all about Lydia’s plans and wanted to get in on the action?

With Adam having caused some drama for the firm recently and with a wedding on the way, Imran’s head might have been swayed to turn on his colleague.

As Adam believes it was Lydia who reported him to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, it might have actually been Imran.

Wanting the solicitors firm to himself, Imran could have agreed with Lydia he would do his bit to make Adam’s life a misery.

The lawyer could have got exactly what he wanted with Adam stepping away from his duties but can he convince him to hand over his share of the business?

Imran could manipulate his vulnerable friend that if he gave him his share of the firm, Lydia wouldn’t be able to mess with it.

With nothing left to lose, the Barlow man could have agreed but this means he might not be able to get it back from Imran in the future.

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By the end of the week, Lydia is reminding her ex-boyfriend she isn’t done with him yet as she gets ready to make her departure.

However, in a shock twist, could it be her alliance with Imran could prove to be a huge mistake as she turns on the lawyer?

Not wanting the police to follow her lead, she could blame everything on Imran, making it seem as if he had a vendetta against Adam.

She would point all the evidence towards him and although Adam might want to claim he is innocent, he could discover his colleague was throwing him under the bus.

As Lydia is nowhere to be seen and with the mounting evidence against him, could this be the end for Imran?

It has been reported the actor who plays Adam, Sam, is going to be staying on the show and so the character could be more focused on rebuilding his life than helping free Imran.

An unnamed source explained: “Sam is a huge talent and bosses are thrilled he’s signed a new contract.

“He’s got some explosive storylines coming up with Adam facing losing everything because of his deranged ex Lydia,” they told The Sun.

But will he be able to live with the guilt of being responsible for Imran being put behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit?

Coronation Street currently airs Mondays, Wednesdays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm and Fridays at 7:30pm for an hour on ITV.

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