Coronation Street tragedy as Sally Metcalfe takes revenge and destroys iconic business?

Coronation Street: Sally Metcalfe wears mask in Dev's shop

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Sally (played by Sally Dynevor) has been taking a back seat on Coronation Street of late but fans of the ITV soap should not fear as the beloved character will be back to her stronghold ways in upcoming scenes. As viewers have seen recently, there has become an influx of cars parking on the cobbles, with the vehicles gathering outside residents’ houses and businesses. With the mother of two taking action next week, her plans to tackle the issue could have heavy consequences as her loved ones start to worry about their livelihoods.

The drama begins as Sally makes a trip to Roy’s Rolls café and speaks to neighbour Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) about the disruption on the street.

Shona was the first character to complain about the influx of car parking on the cobbles and so she listens intently to the stalwart.

Unfortunately for Sally, she receives a parking ticket for parking beyond her time and she slams the warden who gave it to her.

However, she will be left embarrassed when she discovers Izzy Armstrong’s (Cherylee Houston) partner Fergus (Toby Hadoke) is a traffic warden.

Apologising for her outburst, the mother of two is later throwing insults as she discovers Fergus was the one who slapped her car with a parking ticket.

Having lost her cool and chasing off Fergus, Sally changes her tact and tries to use her charm to win him over in the hope he will revoke her ticket.

The newcomer is unwilling to budge, especially after getting the full force of Sally’s wrath and it’s not long before the mother of two is forming a plan of revenge.

Wanting to change the current car parking rules, the former mayor of Weatherfield begins a campaign to enforce new measures and for residents to reclaim their land.

Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) agrees to help her neighbour with the campaign but she soon regrets her willingness.

This is because her friend lands a huge pile of paperwork in front of her as Sally has arranged a meeting with the council.

I am so proud of Coronation Street

Sally Dynevor

The mother of two explains to her neighbour they need to be clued up and have a solid argument to enforce the changes.

Needing support, Sally begins knocking on doors as she demands her fellow cobbles residents sign her petition.

There is some concern from several characters as Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) worries car parking changes will mean Speed Daal will lose business.

Unfortunately, Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) also expresses worry and she tells Sally to rethink her proposition.

This is because both of their husbands work at the Street Cars taxi firm and Sally’s actions could destroy the business.

As she gets less and less support for her venture, the mother of two becomes extremely frustrated as she isn’t getting what she wants.

Needing to ensure Sally doesn’t destroy their business, Tracy and her husband Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) talk with Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine).

They tell the father of one his wife is going to drive the iconic taxi firm into the ground and he needs to put a stop to it.

Viewers will have to wait and see the outcome of the revenge storyline and if Sally gets her way in the end.

If not, will this put her marriage in a new direction as she questions whether Tim is supportive of her or not?

The actress who plays Sally, Sally Dynevor, 58, has held the role of the straight-talking stalwart for over three and a half decades.

Addressing her time on the show, the soap star said: “I am so proud of Coronation Street, it is an incredible programme to be part of.

“It is so important, and there is a responsibility to the storytelling. I watch all the montages of years gone by and it’s amazing that we have had 60 years of fantastic stories.

“Coronation Street does comedy and dark drama together so well – I think that is why it’s been on for 60 years, they do it better than anyone else.”

Sally also explained she never thought she would be on the show for as long as she has had a role on it.

“I left drama school, was in a few telly things, then I got offered Corrie but for only two episodes,” Sally explained.

“I kept getting called back then John Temple [Coronation producer] stopped me in the canteen and asked if I would like a one-year contract.

“I was amazed, that does not usually happen to an actor. I have enjoyed this job so much.

“If I left I’d be lost and would miss it so much,” she added so it seems the beloved character is going to be sticking around for some time yet.

Will her neighbours be in support of her longevity on the show or will they grow tiresome as she continues her revenge against the car parking wardens?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm on ITV.

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