Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow lies to Carla Connor as he helps ex Abi stay off drugs

PETER Barlow goes behind Carla Connor’s back next week in Coronation Street as he helps ex Abi stay away from drugs. 

The ITV soap has confirmed that recovering addict Abi is set to be tempted by drugs again in the coming weeks after suffering a horror accident at work. 

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Abi is rushed to hospital this week as she’s supposed to be saying goodbye to her twins after a car engine slips and traps her arm at the garage.  

And next week’s episode of Coronation Street will see Kevin head off for work, leaving Abi home alone.

Abi relaxes on the sofa and knocks back a slug of morphine.

But she’s shocked out of her skin when Peter arrives, and stuffs the morphine down the side of the sofa. 

When Peter quizzes her about what’s going on, Abi insists she hasn’t taken anything from the hospital. 

Peter seems to believe Abi and leaves.

But later, Abi is furious when she realises that the morphine has disappeared and storms over to the pub where she confronts him about stealing it. 

Later in the week, Peter calls round and tells Abi she needs to ask for help before she starts heading on a downward spiral.

Carla grows suspicious when Peter lies to her about going to meet Abi.

When Carla finds out that he is helping his ex with her addiction, she reminds him that Abi was in love with him not long ago and warns him to be careful.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s sister Debbie rocks up at the house with a large suitcase.

She doesn’t wait long to tell Abi she better not be messing her brother around. 

Later, Abi calls Peter and assures him she’ll be at the meeting later.

Debbie then offers to cook lunch, suggesting they should get to know each other better – much to Abi’s dismay. 

When Abi disappears as soon as she has eaten, Debbie grows suspicious of her motives for dating Kevin.

Are Debbie and Abi about to lock horns?

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