Coronation Street spoilers: Johnny Connor attacked in prison by a drug dealer over his MS pills as he refuses them

JOHNNY Connor is brutally attacked in prison by a drug dealer over his MS pills as he starts refusing to take them next week in Coronation Street. 

The Rovers Return landlord – who is played by actor Richard Hawley in the ITV soap – was sent to prison and sentenced to eight months for a historic armed robbery that killed a man.

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Viewers know that Johnny has been battling Charles Bonnet syndrome, which has been causing him to have hallucinations of his late son Aidan, as well as various types of vermin, as his eyesight deteriorates. 

And next week, things get a whole lot worse for Johnny as he’s accused of drug dealing when he’s actually taking his MS pills, leading Gary to stick up for him. 

But fellow prisoner Kai is sceptical and beats Johnny up.

When Jenny visits Johnny in prison she’s shocked to see what a state he’s in.

Johnny tells her he’s stopped taking his pills because he doesn’t want his eyesight to improve in case he sees visions of Aidan again.

Jenny is heartbroken and confides in Carla, who vows to help Johnny, but Daisy chimes in and announces she doesn’t think Johnny is worth the energy.

Later, Neil, the man Jenny flirted with at the bistro, calls at the pub and starts to flirt with a flattered Jenny.

Daisy is pleased with herself but Jenny is unimpressed when she hears that Daisy set them up.

Later, Jenny reminds Daisy that Johnny is her husband and she loves him. 

Viewers will then see Johnny phone Jenny and she pleads with him to take his medication.

Explaining his character Johnny's diagnosis, actor Richard shared: "Once you have a diagnosis of Charles Bonnet syndrome things can get a little better simply because you know what it is.

"What happens is your brain makes up images because it is not getting enough information because of reduced eyesight.

"There is no attendant feeling of anything else. It is just simply hallucination, it can be an unpleasant one or it could be a pleasant one or both."

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