Coronation Street fans expose Phill Whittakers true identity in plot twist: No way!

Coronation Street teases upcoming week of chaos on cobbles

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Phill (played by Jamie Kenna) has had it rough the last couple of days as the truth about his connection to John Stape (Graeme Hawley) was revealed. After finding out the truth about Phill’s “true” intentions, Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) ended their relationship and returned home to Weatherfield. However, some fans felt as if there was more to it than just a book and Phill is hiding a much darker secret. Could he be connected to John in a more sinister way?

On Monday night, Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) borrowed Phill’s laptop and found a document titled “STAPE” on it.

The document contained information about John, Hope’s murderous father and the crimes that he committed.

Angry about the secret he had been hiding from her and Fiz, she took her revenge in true Hope style and swung the digger that was parked on their drive into his car.

When Fiz found out, she was furious, asking Phill what drove him to hide a document about John on his laptop and automatically thought the worst.

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He admitted he wanted to write a book about his crimes and the way he died in an effort to free Fiz from his burden.

However, she didn’t believe him and ended their relationship, leaving Phill to walk away from their romance.

Now with the revelation of his book out in the open, fans were quick to speculate as to what they thought may have happened, with many not trusting he was telling the truth.

Taking to social media, user @_Ce_Ce__ tweeted: “Something tells me that Phill has known about John Stape longer than that week.

“Since he and fizz had that meal with his friends. No WAY has he done all that ‘research’ in one week. #Corrie.”

@mikepriestley13 commented: “Btw, I don’t believe anything Phill has just said about a book. I think that’s a cover-up for something else #Corrie.”

@SarahFallows82 added: “So Phill’s big secret was that he was starting to research John Stape? Surely there’s more to it than that? #Corrie.”

@Carice_Darling4_ asked: “Surely that cannot be the ‘big secret’? A book? No, there has to be another connection between John and Phill.”

However, not all viewers were disappointed by the revelation, with some pleased that it was the only secret.

Linda Adams praised: “I love the #Corrie plot twist about Phill writing a true-crime book about John Stape! Yes, Hope is a monster, but I’m glad she attacked his car.”

Nancy Hovhanesia said: “#Corrie It was interesting tonight, Phill was thinking about writing a True Crime book! Not the worst secret.”

If viewers are right about Phill hiding a darker secret, could there be a darker connection between Phill and John?

Speaking about why Phill decided to write the book, actor Jamie Kenna told and other press: “It’s definitely not the reason he wanted to be with Fiz in the first place.

“It’s a coincidence, and I think the thing with Phill, you can almost guarantee he does everything with the best of intentions.

“Even this seemingly weird, creepy manoeuvre to write a book about her ex-murderous husband, he has good intentions.

“Phill and his wisdom think that if he writes this book, it is a way for her to become free of his shadow so this whole black cloud that has been hanging over her that is John Stape he can help.

“And if he writes this book from her point of view telling her story, it will release those chains for her, obviously, it backfires.”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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