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The licensing agreement between Disney and Sony over Spider-Man means that Disney makes the majority of the merchandising sales, which gives no incentive for Sony to create cool merchandise for the Spider-Man films. This is a shame, especially with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, which was my favorite film of 2018. Thankfully Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles has teamed with Grey Matter art to present an official tribute exhibition for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. What that means is that some cool original art and collectible prints have been produced for this fantastic film.

We attended the grand opening of the “What’s Up, Danger? The Into the Spider-Verse Tribute Show” on Saturday, June 29, 2019, at the gallery, and have video and photos from the show. Also, find out how you can get your hand on some of these impressive pieces of art.

Video: What’s Up, Danger? Spider-Man: The Into the Spider-Verse Art Show

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What’s Up, Danger? The Into the Spider-Verse Tribute Show featured a selection of original work made in tribute of the film, and included in the artist roster is a selection of artists who contributed work to the film. They also had a book signing during the first hour with Zac Retz, Yuhki Demers, and Robh Ruppel. You can now buy original art and limited collectible prints from the exhibition on the Gallery Nucleus website.

Here is a look at my favorite pieces:

The list of artists with work in the show can be found below:

Alex Ahad
Andrew Thompson
Babs Tarr
Celine Kim
Dashawn Mahone
Dean Heezen
Devin Elle Kurtz
Drew Hartel
Erik Ly
Eva Eskelinen
Jake Wyatt
Keiko Murayama
Kevin Hong
Mars Heyward
Megan Lawton
Mindy Lee
Mingjue Helen Chen
Nuri Durr
Sara Kipin
Tristan Yuvienco
Yuhki Demers
Zac Retz

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