Colin in Black and White season 2 release date: Will there be another series?

Colin in Black and White: Colin Kaepernick stars in Netflix trailer

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Colin in Black and White is the new hard-hitting and emotionally resonant Netflix drama from Oscar-winner Ava DuVernay. The filmmaker has teamed up with Colin Kaepernick, the NFL football star that made headlines in 2016 when he took the knee in protest of police brutalist and racial discrimination. Season one is available now, with viewers left wondering if there will be more to come for the show.

Will there be season two of Colin in Black and White?

When Colin in Black and White was first announced by Netflix, expectations were immediately high for the series.

Cataloguing the formative years of NFL star Colin Kaepernick, the show marries dramatic storytelling and informative communication.

Directed by Ava Duvernay, the filmmaker originally intended the show to be a limited series.

This was confirmed by Netflix, making a second season more unlikely.

As the show is following Kaepernick during his teenage years, played by Jaden Michael, there is naturally a limited window of storytelling available.

Yet, the main inspiration for the show is to portray the real events which inspired the star to become an activist.

Since his now-iconic act in 2016, Kaepernick has transitioned away from football and has become a champion for Black activism.

While Kaepernick still maintains his training in the hope of returning to the sport, his main focus now is working towards racial equality.

While unconfirmed, there is the possibility the show could continue to explore the intervening years of Kaepernick’s life, from teenager to 2016.

This would likely be down to DuVernay’s decision, as the filmmaker is the main architect behind the show.

DuVernay has a busy schedule though, with two projects currently in development, as a director.

The first is another mini-series, DMZ, a science-fiction series about a future civil war that breaks out in the USA.

DMZ is filming now, meaning that DuVernay’s schedule could align for season two if confirmed.

However, the filmmaker has another project in the pipeline – Battle of Versailles.

This is set to be a TV movie covering the 1973 Palace of Versailles fashion show, following the battle between French and American stylists.

The project has only been announced recently, with no word on when filming could potentially begin.

Of course, if Kaepernick was keen to continue the show, he could opt to work with another filmmaker to get it done.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, DuVernay confirmed that Kaepernick was in charge of the story, as it was not the vision she originally intended to make.

DuVernay explains: “He had a really clear idea about wanting it to stay in the land of young adulthood and not to move past high school.

“It took me a second to wrap my mind around that, to be honest. … That’s not really my thing, telling the story of young celebrities’ lives, right?

“What was interesting to me is how those early years fit inside a larger cultural and political paradigm.

“What is the context for these actions of a young person, the experiences or the realizations he’s having?

“How does that connect into a larger conversation about race, class, culture, identity, all of that good stuff?”

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