Coleen Nolan called miserable cow by Kaye Adams after dig at Loose Women outfit

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The Loose Women ladies were getting jabs in at each other on Tuesday's show, after Coleen Nolan was mean about Kaye Adams' dress, so Kaye had a pop back calling Coleen a "miserable cow".

Kaye looked radiant in a summery yellow dress, and thought Coleen was giving her a compliment at first.

She kept interrupting Kaye's intro, saying she wanted to talk.

Kaye knew something was up and asked "are you going to be nice or nasty?"

"Nice! How lovely are you looking in that dress? I just wondered if it came in yellow" said Coleen.

"I thought she was going to be nice there, I really did!" said Kaye.

"It's a lovely dress! Just very yellow" laughed Coleen.

Kaye got her own back though, and donned a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes from the "glare" coming over from Coleen.

"Oh god, oh my god, the teeth!" she exclaimed.

"I have finally, finally. finally had the old gnashers done" admitted Coleen.

Kaye did have at least one nice thing to say at first, as she praised: "Looking good."

Coleen continued: "It's something I've always wanted done and I really look at teeth on people."

"In our industry as well, everyone's having them done, every time I watch things back on telly, I think 'oooh I need those teeth doing'" she laughed.

"As a mom, because it is an expensive thing to do, I've put it off for years."

Kaye agreed: "I was always self conscious about my teeth. It was the best thing I've ever done because I smiled more."

"I was going to ask if you find yourself genuinely smiling more because you're usually a miserable cow" said Kaye.

"Oh sorry! Did I say that out loud?" she cackled laughing.

Fans were impressed with Coleen's new look.

"Coleen's teeth looking fab – good for her" said one.

Another wanted the same: "Where did Coleen get her teeth done please?"

"Coleen's got new teeth!" added another with grinning emojis.

One viewer praised Kaye's dress: "You look like sunshine!" they raved.

"You bring out the best in that yellow dress!" added another.

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