Clive Owen: I made a right mess of my marriage – ranting and boozing

Clive Owen admits he had 'huge part' to play in Amanda split

Clive and Amanda Owen entertained fans on Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm from 2016 to 2022. Last year the couple, who have nine children who supported them with the intense work at Ravenseat Farm, announced they had decided to divorce. Clive, 68, has now admitted “I made a right mess of my marriage” blaming himself for the marriage. 

Clive explained: “It’s a tough time for Amanda now and so I thought it was only right.

“I don’t do social media or any of that so I sort of disappear. One of the things I hear is ‘poor Clive,’ and I feel that isn’t right.

“We filmed Our Yorkshire Farm, people loved it and the plan – Amanda’s plan was we don’t own the farm but this is security.

“We had this plan to make it more secure as a family so that’s what drove her, it was amazing and successful.”

The farmer continued: “I really thought that I needed to say some how that…”

Clive admitted it “has been really upsetting” and “Amanda is having a really tough time at the moment”.

“I just feel that I can’t sit back and watch all this happen without saying something in her defence.

“She’s a remarkable woman and I made a complete mess of it. We got to a point where we couldn’t be together anymore. If I had supported her and looked after I am sure things would have been much different.”

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