Clickbait on Netflix creator defends controversial finale twist: Stand by what we did!

Clickbait: Adrian Grenier stars in Netflix trailer

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Netflix’s thrilling series followed the mysterious disappearance of Nick Brewer (played by Adrian Grenier) after he was abducted as part of a viral sinister plot. Clickbait recently aired its shocking season finale which gained a negative response from viewers, however, the series creator Tony Ayres has stuck beside it and defended the episode.

The dark thriller took off after Nick was abducted and a disturbing video of himself was posted online.

His bruising indicated he had been beaten up and it appeared as though he had been forced to hold up cue cards.

The cards were used to relay his confession of abusing tons of women, it also threatened his death if the video didn’t gain 5,000,000 views.

Naturally, the alarming video took the internet by storm and Nick went viral, however despite gaining popularity, he was found dead in episode two.

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The remainder of the series followed Nick’s wife Sophie Brewer (Betty Gabriel) and sister Pia Brewer (Zoe Kazan) as they attempted to prove his innocence.

In the shocking scene, they did just that and the truth was finally revealed, which maintained that Nick was in fact being held hostage by Simon Oxley (Daniel Henshall).

He believed Nick was responsible for the death of his sister Sarah (Taylor Ferguson) after the two made a connection online.

However, in an unexpected twist, it was discovered that Nick’s dating profile was fake and someone had been using his photo, name and information to catfish women.

After the person behind Nick’s profile and Taylor built a deep relationship online, they abruptly cut it off, which resulted in Taylor committing suicide.

In response, Simon rallied his friends and they were able to track down Nick, kidnap him and beat him up – upon discovering he truly had nothing to do with Sarah’s death, they let him go.

Instead of heading home, he went to his colleague Dawn’s (Becca Lish) home, as she was the one behind the profile – after taking down his information for work purposes, she used it to create a fake page on a dating site.

She had done this before and when her husband Ed (Wally Dunn) finally caught wind of it, he forced her to stop.

When he realised Nick knew about his wife’s catfishing, Ed took a hammer and brutally killed Nick – in the jaw-dropping season finale.

Eventually, he was arrested and jailed after police caught him trying to shoot one of Nick’s children.

Despite the ending, series creator Tony Ayres acknowledged the ‘controversy’ and defended the show.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Tony was asked about any concerns about audience reactions in response to the ending and he responded: ”I mean, you always want people to like you and to like your work. But no, I think it’s better to do something like that because there’s so much content in the world.”

He continued: “I would stand by why we did it and what we have to say in doing it.”

“The key to this format is it gives us an opportunity to really get in the skin of the characters and to understand why people do what they do,” Tony explained.

Unfortunately for fans, there has been no announcement of a potential season two. However, the eight-part show was a limited series and as the storyline came to a close it is a possibility Clickbait could not return to screens for a second instalment.

Clickbait season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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