Casualty’s Lev keeps affair secret from wife Faith ‘to protect ill son Luka’

Weeks ago, Casualty viewers saw Lev Malinovsky cheat on his wife Faith, but he still hasn't told her the truth about what happened.

The popular BBC medical drama is briefly back tonight to broadcast a skipped episode, which was axed due to it being too closely related to Covid-19.

Before the soap took an extended break, Dylan told Faith that he had seen her Lev cheating on her with a man.

Faith was furious and thought Dylan was making it up due to his feelings for her, and so she and Lev are still continuing their marriage as if nothing ever happened.

Relationship/Infidelity Expert and Intuitive Mentor Daniela Birch has revealed that Lev is probably avoiding telling Faith the truth about his affair and his sexuality for the sake of their terminally-ill son Luka.

Faith and Lev were left devastated to discover their seven-year-old son Luka has an inoperable brain tumour.

She explained their son's illness is "a big factor at this stage" as to why he doesn't want the truth to come out.

Daniela told Daily Star Online exclusively: "He would want to be there for his son and he would be feeling extreme guilt and shame, if his son (and Faith of course) was to find out. He would be desiring his son to have beautiful memories of his family and so the fact he has been caught out now, could potentially mean, he will shut off his own needs, and be as present as possible."

She continued: "This could also be the "wakeup call" Lev needed. To not only focus on how is actions could potentially hurt those that he loves, but is it worth doing things behind his families back?

"I am sure he will go into deep soul reflection and make some hard choices, to put his son first. Even if he is desperately unhappy and, in his eyes, the marriage is over. He will do whatever it takes to ensure his son doesn't think badly of him."

Tonight, Casualty will broadcast a missing episode tonight which was dropped from scheduling earlier this year.

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The episode named "Code Orange" was dropped from scheduling after bosses decided the storyline showed too many parallels to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans were perplexed as the episode was skipped, with many wondering why some of the storylines had missed out some vital scenes.

A voiceover said: "The episode we were due to watch tonight, filmed before the spread of Covid-19, was considered inappropriate to show at the moment."

Casualty airs tonight at 9.20pm on BBC One.

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