Britain's Got Talent LATEST: Comedian Axel Blake wins 2022 competition beating Jamie Leahey and Tom Ball

COMEDIAN Axel Blake has been crowned the winner of Britain's Got Talent 2022 after a dramatic live series finale.

The comic beat ten other acts to the top spot after a night which judge Simon Cowell branded the “best” final he has ever judged.

Axel beat young ventriloquist Jamie – who was in tears as hosts Ant and Dec gushed over how well he had done in the competition.

Singing schoolteacher Tom Ball finished third – despite being pipped as the favourite by many fans on social media.

Ben Nickless was the first to be told he was not in the final three, while Loren Allred, 5 Star Boys and Flintz & T4ylor also missed out.

The youngsters, who were voted through to the semi-finals with the golden buzzer, were sent home after forgetting their words during their last performance, which left Alesha Dixon in tears.

Who were tonight's finalists?

  • Maxwell Thorpe
  • Jamie Leahey
  • Ben Nickless
  • Flintz & T4ylor
  • Tom Ball
  • Eva Abley
  • Loren Allred
  • 5 Star Boys
  • Axel Blake
  • Aneeshwar Kunchala
  • Amber and the Collies

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  • Jessica Lester

    Fans in hysterics after Jamie Leahey and Chuck made cheeky swipe at Dec

    Ventriloquist Jamie, 13, was in the final with his chicken puppet Chuck and made viewers crack up with laughter with a joke about the BGT co-host.

    During his performance, 'Chuck' told schoolboy hopeful Jamie that he had spent the night at Ant and Dec's house.

    The yellow chicken explained that Ant had slept in a queen size bed.

    But when asked where Dec had bedded down for the night, 'Chuck' wasted no time in making a jibe about his small stature.

    "In the cutlery drawer," the fluffy yellow bird told Jamie.

  • Jessica Lester

    Alesha Dixon in TEARS as Flintz and Taylor make major mistake 

    Alesha was seen crying on the panel as her heart went out to rapper Flintz, whose nerves clearly got the better of him.

    Amanda Holden was seen rubbing Alesha's back to comfort her as the performance mistake clearly moved her.

    With tears in her eyes, Alesha – who gave the lads her golden buzzer in their audition- consoled the boys as she gave her comments after they performed.

    She told him was telling him "artist to artist" that he was "going to beat yourself up" about it, but to not let it get to him.

    All the judges seconded Alesha's praise with Simon Cowell telling the boys it was their "best performance" to date, despite the blunder.

  • Jessica Lester

    Simon Cowell mis-genders finalist in awkward gaffe

    Early on in the episode it was revealed that Amber and the Dancing Collies were the wildcard.

    The trio originally come from the Netherlands and are known as circus artists and worldwide performers.

    When the judges gave their feedback, Simon made a huge mix up and accidentally said that Nymeria was a boy, rather than a girl.

  • Jessica Lester

    Simon Cowell issues apology to son Eric, 8, after SWEARING

    The BGT mogul, 62, turned the air blue while chatting to finalists Flintz & Taylor following their performance.

    Unfortunately, the duo had made a big mistake while on stage and it even left judge Alesha Dixon in tears.

    Rapper Flintz was overcome with nerves and forgot his words shortly after their song had begun.

    But attempting to make the 23-year-old feel better, Simon swore live on air. He spelt out the word 's***', despite it being before the 9pm watershed.

  • Jessica Lester

    Viewers left open-mouther after Amanda's bizarre knickers comment

    History teacher Tom Ball, 23, took to the stage to try his best and impress judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams with his vocal skills.

    He gave his own rendition of Tom Jones' song I Who Have Nothing.

    All four of the judges were amazed by his talent.

    Amanda said: "That was an unbelievable, unforgettable performance and if you're not at the London Palladium by the end of the year I will eat my knickers."

    Viewers at home were left scratching their heads over her comment.

    One said on Twitter: "Amanda eating her knickers wasn’t what I wanted in my mind on a Sunday night."

    A second chimed in: "Did Amanda Holden just say on tv I’ll eat my knickers."

  • Jessica Lester

    Fans slam Simon Cowell after ‘predicting’ Queen’s DEATH

    The mogul made a comment that suggested Her Majesty might not make it to the Royal Variety Performance where the winner will perform.

    While judging illusionist Ben Nickless, he made a remark that viewers interpreted as him predicting the demise of our Monarch.

    He mentioned the winner performing for the Queen, then hastily added: "Please God it is The Queen."

    While Simon could have simply been referring to the fact that due to her age the Queen hasn't attended the Royal Variety Performance in recent years, many felt he was suggesting she may have passed away by then and found it in bad taste.

    One said on twitter: "The awkward silence after Simon basically implied the queen is on her way out… yeah that went down like a lead balloon."

    A second wrote: "Did Simon just kill the Queen off?"

  • Jessica Lester

    Will BGT return for another series next year?

    BRITAIN’S Got Talent made a big announcement about the show as it prepares to stage the grand finale tonight.

    Hosts Ant and Dec explained that it will be returning for another explosive series next year – and you have the chance to join in.

    The pair said that as of today applications are open to ordinary Brits who want to showcase their skills on BGT.

    Simon Cowell told viewers in a video posted on Instagram today: “Apply now – it might just change your life forever.”

  • Jessica Lester

    That's a wrap, folks!

    Britain's Got Talent is over for another year!

  • Jessica Lester

    Fans are DEVASTATED Tom missed out

    Dozens flocked to Twitter to say that the singer was "robbed".

    "Tom Ball or Jamie Leahey deserved that win, they were streets ahead of Axel and also NOT professionals," one said.

    A second agreed: "Tom should have won I swear to God."

  • Jessica Lester

    Jamie's in tears!

    The puppeteer was left in tears thanking his mentor for helping him to get to the final two of the show.

  • Jessica Lester

    Fans are FURIOUS Axel has won the show

    "The guy who has a whole Netflix series and Amazon Prime show won," one fumed, as a second said: "He already has his own show!"

    "What a fix haha and ppl still believe this isnt a set up," a third fumed.

  • Jessica Lester

    Commiserations to the second and third places

    Tom Ball and Jamie & Chuck walk away in third and second place

  • Jessica Lester

    Axel's won!

    The comedian has won the competition!

  • Jessica Lester

    Tom Ball is through!

    He marks the last of the three finalists to be chosen from.

    Tom, Axel Blake and Jamie & Chuck are left!

  • Jessica Lester

    It's down to Tom and Maxwell

    Only one of them can make the final three!

  • Jessica Lester

    Axel Blake has made it!

    The comedian is going into the final three of the show!

  • Jessica Lester

    A few more acts wave goodbye!

    5 Star Boys, Amber and the dancing Collies, Anneshwar and Flintz & T4ylor are NOT in the final three acts.

  • Jessica Lester

    Jamie & Chuck are IN the final three

    The talented youngster has made it through!

  • Jessica Lester

    Loren is NOT through to the final three

    The professional singer – who rose to fame with the Greatest Showman's hit Never Enough – has been voted out.

  • Jessica Lester

    Ben Nickolls has NOT made it through to the final three

    The votes have been cast and the announcements are being made!

  • Jessica Lester

    Fans think it's going to be a tough call

    The audience at home is divided on who they think is going to win the ITV talent competition tonight…

    "Hard to call it to be fair," one said, as a second chimed in: "Gosh its going to be a tough one to even think who will one tonight."

    "It’s a tough one this year as they all were great but I would like Axel to win," a third concluded.

  • Jessica Lester

    The vote is CLOSED

    No more voting! The winner is set to be announced SHORTLY!

  • Jessica Lester

    Best performance of the night?

    Fans watching at home think so – and joke they would've "voted" for the Sister Act stars if they could.

    "I would vote for the nuns," one said, as a second chimed in: "I hope the Singing Nuns win, lol."

  • Jessica Lester

    Beverley Knight is on the stage!

    Fans at home are LOVING it.

    "I would give anything to go and see Sister Act," one said, as a second chimed in: "I am in heaven! Beverley Knight!"

  • Jessica Lester

    SIX minutes until the vote closes!

    In the meantime, the cast of Sister Act!

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