Bradley Walsh fell and hit his head while filming for ITV's Breaking Dad

Bradley Walsh revealed he hit his head and fell while filming for his ITV show Breaking Dad.

During the latest series of Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Bad, the duo went to Italy as part of their road trip.

Each week, the show has seen Bradley and his son taking on some death-defying and dangerous challenges – including bungee jumps and leaping off a 30ft cliff ledge.

However, this wasn’t how Bradley injured his head, it was in fact when he and Barney went clog dancing.

Yes, seriously.

The 60-year-old ended up hitting his head on a wooden menu when trying to dance.

He told The Sun: ‘After being thrown out of a plane, climbing up a wall and being thrown off a bull and everything like that, I trip up like an old twerp and whack my head on the menu.’

In the latest episode of the programme, the presenter overcame his fear of heights after jumping off a 30ft cliff into the sea.

After receiving some diving training, the 60-year-old and his son Barney climbed up a cliff face and prepared to jump.

‘I landed on my gluteus maximus, it’s absolutely slapped my a***! Ah, my a*** is on fire,’ Bradley said after the jump.

Earlier in the series, Bradley struggled to hold back the tears after his son surprised him with the best birthday gift – a surprise Andrea Bocelli performance.

Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad is available to watch on ITV Player.

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