Bob and Megan Married at First Sight UK: Where are Bob and Megan now?

Married At First Sight UK: E4 release trailer for new series

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Bob and Megan were matched by the panel of experts on Married At First Sight UK as they shared the same values. They were also brought together through their belief that family always comes first. has all you need to know about where they are now.

Where are Bob and Megan from MAFSUK now?

Megan and Bob first laid eyes on each other on their wedding day and Bob could not contain his happiness.

The pair seemed to be a perfect match as they both shared the same interests and wanted someone to settle down with.

Robert, 26, is a business protection specialist from Dorset and his friends know him as ‘Big Bob’.

This is because of his big personality, and his love of entertaining and making people laugh.

He was matched with 26-year-old wellness coach Megan, from Stoke, who was looking for someone with ambition and confidence.

She most definitely found that in Bob and the pair hit it off from the moment they set eyes on each other.

However since the honeymoon, they have found it difficult to understand each other. 

Megan ended up cheating on Bob with Jordan, and it has caused a rift amongst the group. 

Bob forgave Megan and they are working on their relationship, but Megan is still not certain of her happiness. 

In the latest episode, the pair decided to finally part ways and Bob wrote an emotional goodbye letter to Megan. 

Bob vowed he would not have taken part in the show if he was not dedicated to a long-term relationship.

Thankfully, Megan’s family seemed to approve of Bob and they grew even closer as the day went on.

They shared plenty of romantic kisses and Bob, a real gentleman, respected Megan’s wish to sleep in separate beds on their first night.

Megan is on Instagram but she has not given anything away about whether the couple are still together.

In one video, she said she had never had a proper boyfriend before and was keen to find the man of her dreams.

She also shared plenty of photos of herself with twin Mitch, who will always be one of the most important men in her life.

Megan and Bob are yet to jet off on their honeymoon, where their new relationship will be put to the test.

They already have plenty in common, but this will be an opportunity to discover each other’s bad habits and quirks.

Bob is also on Instagram and Bob has been sharing some preview photos for the series.

He said: “Sneak preview of the stag soo with the other lads, just a little bit of dancing.” [Sic]

In another video, he said he was looking for a woman with a “really good positive outlook on life”.

He made it clear he was not interested in someone who loves to moan about things.

Although he was a little nervous about meeting Megan’s family, he respected how they were so protective of her.

He did not let the nerves get to him and definitely won Megan over with his genuine charm.

Married At First Sight UK continues on Tuesday on E4 at 9pm.

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