Black Widow: Did Red Guardian fight Captain America?

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WARNING: This article contains full spoilers for Black Widow.

One of Black Widow’s most interesting new characters, Red Guardian (David Harbour), was billed as Russia’s answer to the Captain America project. To prove the super soldier had been around for some time, the red warrior boasted some great adventures throughout the latest Marvel film, including one moment involving the iconic Steve Rogers.

Did Red Guardian fight Captain America?

Red Guardian did not fight Captain America in the MCU.

While in Russian prison Alexei told his pals about how he had found himself grappling with The First Avengers during his glory days.

This would no doubt have been a sight to behold, considering both warriors have super-soldier serum coursing through their veins.

However, Alexei told his cohorts that he fought Steve at some point in the 1980s.

As fans may recall, Steve was frozen in ice during World War II – at some point during 1939 and 1945.

He was then thawed out and revived in 2011, during the events of Captain America: The First Avenger.

This means there is no way Red Guardian could have fought Captain America.

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Did Red Guardian fight Captain America?

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The unlucky inmate who pointed this out had his wrist snapped by Alexei, so I wouldn’t ask him about it.

However, just because Red Guardian didn’t fight Captain America doesn’t mean he didn’t fight another super-soldier.

Since the end of Captain America’s story in Avengers Endgame, a new batch of super-soldiers have been unveiled in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

It was revealed that, after Steve was experimented on, more super soldiers were created.

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Most notably, Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced Isaiah Bradley, the first Black super-soldier.

On top of him, The Winter Soldier was of course created by Hydra to do their bidding.

Red Guardian has fought Captain America multiple times in the Marvel comic books.

Over the years, Red Guardian has been pitted against Cap as Russia’s attacks on the USA continued.

He also took on the Avengers a few times over the years, most notably in 1963 in a battle against Cap, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Red Guardian has not been killed off in the MCU, so he could still battle the new Captain America – Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie).

Black Widow is in cinemas now and hits Disney Plus with Premier Access on Friday.

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