Bill Duke To Helm ‘The Power of One: The Diane Latiker Story’ Feature

Filmmaker Bill Duke is set to direct The Power of One: The Diane Latiker Story, a film based on Chicago activist Diane Latiker.

Duke has appeared in a number of films including X-Men: The Last Stand, Menace II Society, Mandy, and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, which he also directed.

Global Genesis Group is producing The Power of One alongside JBM Productions.

It follows Latiker’s journey as she fought her way amidst the violence of a Chicago community to found Kids Off the Block, a safe place for children to do school work and be mentored away from the street gangs. Latiker opened her heart and home to at-risk youth in the turbulent Roseland neighborhood, in spite of opposition from local government officials, members of her own family and the vicious gangs. The movie follows Diane’s harrowing and dramatic rise over thirty years ago from working in a hair salon to leading a nation-wide movement.

Said Latiker, “It’s so important to receive support when you decide to open your heart, home and life to the children affected by violence! If we don’t do it for our children, who’s going to do it? Now more than ever, they need us to open our hearts and offer them a safe space in our communities! It worries me that young people think there is no hope beyond the gun; it’s our job to show them that it is and we will through this film. I am so grateful that Mr. Duke has agreed to direct this film as I believe this film with Mr. Duke directing will inspire the world and give hope to millions of children for generations to come.”

“Diane is my hero,” said Duke. “She is the example we should all follow. She is saving out future, leading the way to the light of hope for our children.”

Global Genesis has worldwide distribution rights to the film.

Duke’s additional directorial credits include A Rage in Harlem, Deep Cover, and Hoodlum. He’s repped by Pantheon Talent

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