Bill Bailey reveals his Eurovision song entry was rejected by the BBC as he slams bosses for 'taking it too seriously'

BILL Bailey has told how he was rejected by the BBC after sending in a potential entry for Eurovision.

The comic, 56, slammed channel bosses for taking the competition "too seriously" after British contestant James Newman was awarded a humiliating "nil point".

Explaining he has already tried to offer help to win the European singing competition, Bill told Good Morning Britain today: "A few years ago I sent in an entry to Eurovision.

"It was a kind of spoof eco anthem in the style of Dad's Army. The BBC said it was 'too silly, we can't have that'."

I thought 'well the taking it too seriously isn't going too well either is it'.

Reacting to UK’s Eurovision journey's lowpoint this weekend, Bill added: "It was a serviceable song and performance, nothing wrong with that. But I sort of think we're missing a trick a bit.

"We need to celebrate the eccentricity and quirkiness of Britishness. It's a bit underwhelming and bland.

"We're not taking it seriously enough and sort of taking it too seriously.

"We should focus on the visuals of it and make it into a huge celebration of Britishness. Maybe some guitar, car bells and there's not enough car horns in it."

Strictly winner Bill Bailey shocked fans when he announced this week: "I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring for #Eurovision 2022."

He has since gone on to reveal how he would improve the UK's chances of taking home the trophy.

He added: "There has to be a bit more drama and theatre because that's what Eurovision is about. Some of it is totally bonkers.

"There's something we need to channel, even if it's a bit over the top and eccentric, which is celebrating what Britishness is about and I think that's something that's been lacking."

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