'Big Little Lies' The End of The World: Celeste Wright Misses the War With Perry

Celeste Wright continues to struggle with the death of her husband, while her mother-in-law still refuses to believe Perry could be an evil person. Madeline Mackenzie also has a difficult time understanding why she cheated on Ed, and if they can get this rough patch. What else happens in The End of The World?

Does Celeste miss the war with Perry in The End of The World?

Celeste cannot stop thinking about the positive memories with Perry. Her therapist tells her that she should stop focusing on the good, and remember the abusive times and how he almost killed her. Celeste denied the severity of the issue, and the therapist noticed a scar on her arm. She brushed it off and said it probably occurred when she broke up a fight between the twins. However, her therapist believes she inflicted the pain on herself as a way of getting closer to Perry.

Celeste told Madeline that she was a better mom to her boys when Perry was alive, and often feels deader than him. She found Mary Louise Wright in the bedroom with the twins, watching videos of Perry playing with the boys, and reading to them. Celeste joined them and reminisced before she went to bed and pleasured herself while watching an old video Perry sent her when he was out of town.

Mary Louise sees Perry’s illegitimate son for the first time in The End of The World

Mary Louise stopped by Jane Chapman’s job to ask her if she would submit to a paternity test to establish Perry as the father. She wants proof because she can’t believe Perry would cheat on Celeste, much less rape a woman. However, Jane told Mary Louise she would not do that and returned to work.

Mary Louise later saw Jane and Ziggy getting into their car. Mary Louise looked at Ziggy with joy and pain, because she immediately realized Perry did father the child. Jane saw Mary Louise staring and decided to meet with her the next day.

Mary Louise showed Jane several pictures of Perry as a child, and Jane also noticed how similar they looked at the same age. Mary Louise again asked Jane if she was sure that she didn’t give Perry “a sign,” however, Jane blatantly explained to her that the interaction was not consensual. Still, Mary Louise cannot believe her son is evil or capable of doing something so sinister, but Jane can’t agree with her.

Madeline Mackenzie and Ed’s relationship continues to suffer in The End of The World

Madeline and Ed went to therapy, to try and work through Madeline’s infidelity. The therapist thought Ed’s laid back nature could be mistaken for neglect, however, Ed confirmed that wasn’t the issue. Madeline claimed she didn’t know why she cheated, but the therapist thinks she doesn’t believe in herself because she never went to college.

Madeline explained to Celeste that she walked in on her dad having sex with a woman that was not her mom, and he told her that some things her mom didn’t need to know. Therefore, she always felt like marriage wasn’t to be trusted.

Madeline then ran into Ed at the coffee shop, where he wrapped a conversation with Bonnie Carlson. When Madeline asked him how long he would punish her for, he said as long as he needs and wants. That night, the school gathered the parents to talk about the climate change curriculum that scared Renata Klein’s daughter so much, it pushed her to an anxiety attack.

Madeline made a speech, that mirrored her current relationship woes, and explained kids fear things including climate change and someone shooting their school up. However, their parents always tell them everything’s fine. Madeline ended up breaking down in tears, and ran out of the auditorium, with Ed not following behind her.

She went home and cried in her daughter’s arms, but Ed didn’t return that night. Even though Abigail and Celeste have assured Madeline that Ed won’t leave her, she’s not so sure.

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