'Big Brother 22': Jackson Michie Addresses Rumors of His Return For All-Stars Season

As viewers are gearing up for the 22nd season of Big Brother, credible sources have claimed the series will be another all-stars. CBS has not confirmed or denied the rumor, but fans have still shared various fantasy cast lists, many of which include BB21 winner, Jackson Michie. The 25-year-old has addressed rumors of him competing in the upcoming season.

Jackson Michie on ‘Big Brother 21’

Then 24-year-old Los Angeles-based server, Jackson Michie, showed up to a local open call and landed a spot as a houseguest on Big Brother 21. On the first day, his co-stars voted him Camp Director, giving him the power to “banish” four houseguests.

He then remained under the radar as a part of the biggest alliances in the house and formed a relationship with ally Holly Allen. In Week 5, he and Allen were isolated from their group after Jack Matthews exposed her pre-existing relationship with houseguest Kathryn Dunn.

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It’s been a surreal 48 hours but I can honestly say this summer is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I made unforgettable memories, lived every second in that house to the fullest, made plenty of mistakes, and learned lots about myself. I’m far from perfect but I’m unbelievably blessed and I love each and every one of you that has supported me, had my back every step of this journey, and made this possible. I got the confetti, I got the best girl I’ve ever met, and I can honestly say that the love of the Big Brother game I had prior to this experience has grown even more. I had a job to do and I can finally say that I did it. On to the next chapter… whatever that may be.

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In the following week, he found himself on the block next to Matthews, his closest ally in the house. However, he survived because others perceived the fitness trainer as the ringleader. Michie then went on a challenge winning streak, which landed him in the Final Two alongside Allen.

Although he faced accusations of racism and misogyny, his houseguests felt he played the best game and awarded him the win a 6-3 vote.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen split

After leaving the house, he and the wine safari guide continued dating. A few months after filming wrapped, the two moved into a LA apartment together, alongside Allen’s dog, coincidentally named Jackson, who she adopted in 2016. They also hung out with other co-stars and spent the holidays with each other’s families.

In March 2020, the couple quarantined together due to the strict shelter-at-home orders enforced in California because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Additionally, Allen is considered “high risk” because of her asthma. Therefore, the two rarely left the house.

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Life works in crazy ways, and this past year has been no exception. Through the ups, the downs, the highs, and the lows.. there has been one constant through it all and that‘s the amazing woman standing next to me. Life has continued to work in ways neither of expected, and sadly life will be taking us in different directions. This isn’t because of bad actions or words, rather, two people who deeply love each other recognizing that a relationship may not be for the best. I said it on the show and I will say it always, I love her and she will forever hold a special place in my heart. This post is something that neither of us wanted to share, but given the circumstances of our relationship and how things started it only seems appropriate to offer an answer once and for all. Please respect our wishes for privacy on the matter and understand that we are both going through significant life changes and monumental events in our individual lives separate from this. We love our supporters, we love big brother, and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone along the way who has stood behind us and helped us forward. Day 75 holls. Always.

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A couple of months later, they decided to adopt a rescue dog, Sahara, and put their time and energy into training her. A few weeks later, Allen visited her family in Wyoming while Michie went back to his native Tennessee.

Although the couple denied breakup rumors at the time, the two announced they parted ways only a few days later. While they didn’t go into details surrounding the breakup, both noted they still love and care for each other.

Jackson Michie addresses ‘All-Stars 2’ rumor

A week before the breakup, Michie posted a video acknowledging the Black Lives Matter movement. He admitted he’s made “a lot of mistakes” throughout his life as well as recently when he upset followers with a post stating “all lives matter.”

Michie apologized for “not being educated” and asserted that he stands with the Black community, although he won’t understand the struggle. The 25-year-old ended the 39-second clip by apologizing again and noting that “black lives matter.”

Many fans felt that Michie only made the video to land a spot on the rumored All-Stars season or join the cast of MTV competition series, The Challenge.

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Underneath his June 20 Instagram post, one follower commented, “Please come back for 22 and be the first back to back [winner].” The 25-year-old responded, “I wish!” with a laughing emoji.

It’s unclear if CBS contacted Michie but passed on him due to his “all lives matter” comment or if the network never considered him for the rumored All-Star season, and the 25-year-old “wishes” they did.

Regardless, viewers won’t see the current record holder for the most competitions won by a male in BB22.

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