Ben Shephard steps in to correct MP over Kate Garraway name blunder Definitely not!

GMB: Ben corrects MP after she gets Kate Garraway's name wrong

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The ITV show saw Home Office Minister Atkins chatting with Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shephard, 46, and Kate Garraway, 54, about the need to self isolate. But at one point she was left red-faced as she referred to Kate as Fiona, causing Ben to cut in and correct her.

It came as Atkins was clarifying to viewers that if they are pinged by the NHS Test and Trace app, they must still isolate.

Confusion arose after business minister Paul Scully said on Tuesday the app’s instructions were merely advisory, and people could choose not to follow the messages given by the trace system.

Garraway asked Atkins: “So, why did the business minister get that wrong then? Why did he say a different line then?”

“Well,” Atkins began. “The guidance – Paul’s a friend as well as a colleague – but the guidance has been very much there in place.”

She continued: “You know if you’re called by Track and Trace you must please isolate, and we say also if you’ve been pinged you must isolate.”

But earlier she had mistakenly referred to Kate as Fiona, and Shephard saw this as his chance to let her know

The broadcaster said “So he [Scully] just made a mistake – he misspoke, we all misspeak.

“I call Kate all sorts of things, she’s definitely not a Fiona though, but you have a very busy morning so don’t worry.”

He went on: “We forgive you” as Kate laughed. After appearing initially confused, Atkins replied: “Oh, I’m so sorry!”

“No, it’s okay,” he replied. Kate smiled: “It’s fine!”

The discussion continued but Ben soon had to interrupt the minister again as he accused her of ignoring his questions.

Earlier in the show, Kate hit back at her colleague Ben after he updated viewers about his recent leg injury.

Ben was forced to undergo surgery when he ruptured his ACL, tore his meniscus and fractured his leg during a recent football match.

During Wednesday’s show he began to update viewers on his recovery.

But Kate soon mocked him, adding he had been “banging on about it all week”.

She continued: “I’m talking about his knee and on social media, and he came in in shorts today and I’ve got to say, it’s impressive and horrible!”

He remarked: “Yeah I’ll spare you at breakfast, but I have taken the strappings off, they were still on there.

“The interesting thing is, the physio hurts way more than the injury did in the first place.

“I’m having to try and get flexion and the bend through the knee, it’s agony just trying to get to that point. It’s much more painful than the injury itself.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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