Below Deck Mediterranean: Fans predict Lexis firing after disgusting kitchen behaviour

Below Deck Mediterranean: First look of series six

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The chaotic reality series Below Deck continued its equally unpredictable spin-off this week as the Mediterranean charter continued on Bravo. Meanwhile, the next episode was made available one week early for Peacock subscribers, and gave fans even more reason to turn against controversial second stew, Lexi Wilson.

Below Deck viewers are more desperate than ever to see the last of Lexi Wilson after her behaviour as second stewardess in the latest episodes of season six.

Episode four dropped a week early on the new streaming service Peacock, whilst Bravo viewers tuned into the third episode on Monday night.

TV audiences were appalled by her disrespectful attitude towards the show’s new Chef Matthew Shea.

They were convinced her job was on the line after several mistakes in the kitchen, including helping herself to some lamb as it was being plated for customers.

One fan commented: “It really grossed me out when Lexi was eating and the lamb chop right off the plate and putting the bone back on the plate.

“Like, does she not realize covid is still a thing?”

To which another replied: “That’s disgusting and unsanitary even without a pandemic.”

On her Instagram page, Lexi has already hinted her time on the show could be coming to an end sooner than expected.

Her bio now contains the message ‘#NOLONGERINTHEYACHTINGINDUSTRY’, confirming she no longer works on the Lady Michelle.

However, it’s still unsure whether Lexi resigned or has been fired from her position.

As the mystery will remain for at least another week, plenty of fans are hoping Chef Mat will see sense and relieve her of her duties.

Another speculated: “Do we have a betting pool yet for when Lexi quits/gets fired? Surely she doesn’t last the whole season.”

Unfortunately, Captain Sandy won’t be able to bring on new kitchen staff until they’ve finished quarantining, so it may be some time before Lexi is shown the door.

Spoilers ahead – Peacock subscribers already know Lexi makes it past episode four, as ‘Love At First Night’ was made available for streamers a week early.

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In this outing, love is in the air between David and his new supervisor Malia, but another kitchen disaster knocks Chef Mat’s confidence.

While his unconventional methods of putting out an oil fire turned heads, most viewers were still reeling after the revelation of Lexi’s burn list.

The former Miss Bahamas’ clashes with Malia and Courtenay further solidified fans’ view that the Lady Michelle crew would be better off without her.

One fan said: “Lexi can really just quit or get fired and I’ll be okay.”

“She is the typical mean girl and I’m over her attitude and the fact she thinks she’s better than everyone.”

And another added: “In the previews Lexi saying I’m done being nice may be the most self-unaware thing I’ve heard in a long time.”

The preview for next week’s episode on Peacock confirmed the Below Deck crew will continue to clash with Lexi as the charter continues.

Hopefully, the stewardess’ social media update is conclusive proof Captain Sandy and the rest of the team won’t have to deal with her bad attitude for much longer.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 continues Mondays on Bravo and Peacock.

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