BBC QT host Fiona Bruce in stitches as audience members shares electric car dread

Question Time audience member reveals electric car 'anxiety'

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The BBC Question Time host was leading a debate on increasing the usage of electric cars across the UK as part of the Government’s strategy for Green Britain. A QT audience member rose the issue of some electric cars owners suffering from what he referred to as “juice anxiety” because of the shortage of rechargeable points. The audience member said: “A friend of mine has an electric car and suffers regularly from juice anxiety.”

The comment had Fiona Bruce burst into laughter as she turned to guest Emily Thornberry saying: “Juice anxiety?

“You said you didn’t want to talk about anything sexy. I never heard of that.”

Ms Thornberry responded: “You thought of that. It didn’t even cross my mind.”

The audience member cut through to insist “juice anxiety is a thing”, spurring Ms Bruce to say: “It’s not getting any better.”

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As the panel recovered from the unexpected hilarity, the Question Time audience member explained a friend had repeatedly become concerned about running out of charge for his electric car and not finding a recharging station.

He said: “He drives around and I’ve had a late-night call saying, ‘can I come to your house and charge my car on the plug because I might not be able to make it back home?’

“The charging units are out of order, there might be somebody sitting in the charging unit charging their car and having a lovely coffee.

“And he’s waiting so I don’t think in this area there are enough electric chargers.”

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He added: “I would love an electric car but I don’t want to suffer right now from juice anxiety.”

As the COP26 Summit goes on, debates on how to best ease the human impact on the planet have been raging.

Electric cars have often been suggested as a good substitute for diesel cars, helping the world move away from mass reliance on fossil fuels.

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Reports this week have shown an increasing number of listings for home sales now include a mention of electric car charging points either on the premises or nearby.

Rightmove property expert Tim Bannister suggested the charging stations will become an increasingly common feature across the UK.

Mr Bannister said: “Alongside the energy performance of a home, we anticipate electric car charging points will become more important for buyers over the next few years and will be an additional selling point for movers listing their home.”

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