BBC Breakfast’s Tomasz Schafernaker pulled up on blunder live on-air ‘What are you doing?’

BBC Breakfast: Tomasz Schafernaker admits to getting 'tangled'

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BBC Breakfast weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker suffered a technical error this morning and tried to discreetly cover up the issue. However, broadcaster Ben Thompson apologised for pointing out the issue live on air, despite the studio hysterically laughing about the blunder.

After Tomasz Schafernaker delivered his weather report this morning, the weatherman was noticeably still when wrapping up.

He began feeling for his microphone pack and stumbled his words when he realised it was on the floor.

Ben Thompson quickly noticed something was off, prompting him to ask: “Are you alright Tomasz, what are you doing?”

Bending down to pick up the mic pack, Tomasz laughed and said: “Okay, if you must see!”

Ben and Rachel Burden laughed when they saw Tomasz holding up his tangled electronic equipment.

“Look, this is what’s on the floor, there’s lots of tech here,” the weatherman explained, as he tried to get himself free of the cables.

“Do you know what, sometimes when we walk around, I get a bit caught up!”

“You’re tangled up!” Ben remarked, as the weatherman scrambled to get himself together.

He later joked: “There’s all sorts of tech around here and you don’t see it.”

Realising what he had pointed out, Ben told him: “Sorry, I just threw you under the bus there didn’t I?”

“Yeah you did,” Tomasz responded, as Rachel continued laughing hysterically in the background.

As Tomasz remained tangled, Ben said goodbye to him for now, saying: “Go and untangle yourself and see you in a bit.”

Rachel then quipped: “Don’t want to see anything else below that line by the way.

“Definitely not!” she added.

“He may have his shorts,” her laughing co-host commented.

Referencing the intense heat in the UK at the moment, Rachel replied: “You’d forgive him today though.”

Viewers have commented on Twitter in the past few weeks that the weatherman can’t seem to stay still when delivering his report, prompting one user to comment: “So Tomasz Shuffleknackers kept unusually still because he has been tied down? #BBCBreakfast.” (sic)

However, the tech error wasn’t the only thing that distracted viewers as Tomasz’s lockdown hair has recently prompted many to tweet about it.

One person said: “Marvelling at Tomasz’s 80s footballer hair.”

Another commented: “OK I’ve shouted at the TV screen enough and you haven’t listened so now it’s time to tweet. GET YOUR HAIR CUT!!!!!”

Tomasz immediately replied to the post, saying: “Jog on, don’t follow or watch me.”

The tweets continued, with someone else adding: “Loving the new hair Tomasz.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays and weekends at 6am on BBC One.

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