Bargain Hunt’s Danny Sebastian laments ‘lonely, tiresome and hard’ life on the road

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The BBC antiques show continues to enjoy a loyal and growing fanbase. New experts join Bargain Hunt regularly, and TV personality Danny Sebastian is a regular face on the programme. However, he has now joined the presenting team and will be a major part of the show’s new format. Although his episodes won’t air until October, Danny has already got stuck in with filming. Delving into his experiences on the series, he admitted life on the road is “lonely, tiresome and hard”.

The BBC staple sees novice antique hunters going head-to-head to find valuable items from shops, with hopes they will be able to sell them at auction for a decent profit.

Teams receive help from several experts, and among them is Danny.

It was recently announced that Caroline Hawley and Roo Irvine would be joining Danny as the new team of presenters.

This will expand the hosting team, which already includes Natasha Raskin Sharp, Christina Trevanion, Eric Knowles and Charlie Ross.

Of course, the job means he and the other specialists have to travel around a lot and take to the road regularly.

Opening up on the realities of that life, the antiques oracle remarked: “Life on the road is usually lonely, tiresome and hard and never as sweet as home… but at least I have full control of the stereo.”

Despite the tough circumstances though, it seems Danny must love the series after taking on the new challenge of presenting the daytime favourite.

“The favourite part of my role has to be selling,” he explained.

“It’s always a sweet feeling when you’ve sold something and achieved a good profit.”

Speaking to the BBC, he opened up about how he got into the antiques industry.

“Luckily I was ready for a career move and then I was very fortunate and worked with a big celebrity player in the antique game,” he reflected.

“I then saw an auction house full of mid-20th century gear and instantly knew antiques was for me. I do also like the big mark-ups if you find something special!”

Danny also detailed his favourite Bargain Hunt find, detailing: “My best ever BH find has to be the email, that said, ‘You’re in son.'”

Bargain Hunt has been on screens since 2000 and was originally presented by David Dickinson.

From 2003 to 2016, Tim Wonnacott took over hosting of the daytime favourite.

In 2016 the format changed once again, and a team of experts began to front the series instead.

The shake-up has introduced several new experts while giving those already on the show a more significant role.

Now, a handful of experts will be fronting the show in a more direct way as joint presenters, who will each host different episodes.

With new series’ still being made, it’s clear the show has stood the test of time.

Bargain Hunt airs weekdays at 12.15pm on BBC One.

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