Bachelor In Paradise's Maurissa Gunn slams haters & says 'it's ok for women to enjoy sex' after Riley Christian hook up

BACHELOR In Paradise’s Maurissa Gunn slammed haters & proudly stated “it's ok for women to enjoy sex” after a raunchy on-camera hook up with Riley Christian.

The couple went on their first date on last weeks episode of the ABC Summer spinoff and shocked many viewers when they got hot and heavy in the “boom boom room” immediately after. 

In addition to their steamy bed time together, Maurissa, 25, also stated that she has “never been on a real date” but “loves sex.”

She was met with some harsh criticism and Maurissa clapped back at the sex-shamers while thanking the many people who have come forward to support her. 

The brunette bombshell said: “I don’t need to explain what I said, because I said it with conviction… 

“However, there are other women that may not be as nonchalant or as indifferent as I am, to handle the kind of criticism that I’ve been receiving, and it’s not okay.”

Alongside a video where she rocked a “Sex Positive” shirt, she continued in the Instagram caption: “To my next point, it’s OK FOR WOMEN TO LIKE SEX! 

“Sex is a 2 person act, so there shouldn’t be a double standard regarding which gender can openly like it, and which gender should be timid about their enjoyment. 

“What’s even harder to believe is that the majority of the negativity and hate is coming from women. 

“It’s already hard enough being a woman in today’s society, so we as women should do everything to lift each other up rather than bring each other down.” 

She concluded: “I hope this message is received with love and kindness.”

Maurissa was met with much love from her Bachelor costars, with Natasha Parker commenting: “Say it louder for the people in the back! Love this and YOU! Keep beeeeaming your light beautiful!”

While fans also showed their support, with one writing: “We love you Maurissa! People are rude and super hypocritical when it comes to this franchise. I’m glad we are seeing more of you on our screens!”

“WE LOVE AND FOREVER STAN MAURISSA IN MY HOUSEHOLD! All the love and positive vibes to you queen,” another wrote. 

Last week, fans were shocked to see Riley, 31, and Maurissa, 25, getting intimate after their first date.


The pair were seen on camera rolling around their bed without clothes – leaving fans convinced they "had sex" in the "boom boom room" after cuddling up over dinner and drinks.

Many fans took to Twitter after the scene aired, with one asking: ”Did I just see a sex tape? #bachelorinparadise," one joked.

While a second claimed: "Anyone shocked by the night vision sex scenes (with sound) have never watched."

"God I love bachelor in paradise. on the bachelor you get like, maybe a bra on the floor to indicate they used the fantasy suite.

“But in bip they just showed two ppl straight up boning on national television," another expressed.

A fourth wrote: "Me when the legit SEX TAPE with sounds came on the 65-inch tv with my mom sitting beside me,” alongside a comedic meme.

"WAIT DID THEY JUST HAVE SEX LMFAO WHAT," another laughed, while one user confessed: "I did not see that coming! My jaw literally dropped!”

After the premiere of the current season of BiP, the Atlanta native claimed she had the “best first date ever” with Riley on Instagram.

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