Antiques Road Trips Izzie Balmer delighted as risky pendant makes incredible profit

Antiques Road Trip: Izzie Balmer makes impressive profit

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Izzie Balmer and fellow antiques expert Tim Medhurst returned to BBC One on Thursday for the latest instalment of Antiques Road Trip. The pair visited vintage shops while cruising around Wales hoping to find treasures to sell. Izzie found a delicate Edwardian pendant in one establishment and was “delighted” when it made a £100 profit at auction. 

As she was searching through a vintage shop near Cardiff, Izzie came across a nine-carat rose gold arts and crafts pendant necklace. 

“I was looking at the back and hoping it would be a Mel Bennet or an Archibald Knox,” she explained while inspecting the piece. 

“Any number of one of the big names that you look for now. 

“It does have a maker’s mark of H and S which I’d have to look into and do a bit of research on.” 

She continued to say it was not a name she recognised off the top of her head but guessed the piece of jewellery was Edwardian. 

“It’s a turn of the century, your sort of tail end of arts and crafts,” she explained.

“And then you have got your Art Noveau influences there as well.” 

She proceeded to look at the price of the necklace which was ticketed at £170. 

“Oh, it’s whether or not I go for a risk,” a worried Izzie stressed. “I’m not sure I am a risk-taker.”

“This is hard, I am having an inner battle here,” she said before deciding to put the item down and have a wander to see what else she would come across. 

She then found a £58 vintage breakfast set she liked the look of and wondered if she could strike a deal for the set and the necklace with the shopkeeper. 

Izzie managed to get the shopkeeper to drop the ticket price for the necklace down to £140 and the breakfast set to £45. 

Later on in the episode Tim and Izzie’s five items each went to a “nail-biting” auction. 

After making a mixture of losses and profits, the necklace was the last to be auctioned. 

Her excitement grew as the item was sold for a whopping £240, which gave Izzie a £100 profit. 

A nervous Izzie said ahead of the sale: “I genuinely would happily own this myself so I am just hoping at least two other people think the same.”

The first bid for the pendant was £65 and the price started to “climb quickly” to £140, which is what Izzie bought it for.

“Oh I can breathe,” she exclaimed when the bids continued to pour in over £140. 

“I’m so delighted Tim,” Izzie exclaimed, to which Tim replied: “That’s incredible.” 

After auction costs at the end of the instalment, Tim lost a heartbreaking £282 whereas a chuffed Izzie made £22. 

Antiques Road Trip continues on Friday at 4.30pm on BBC One.

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