Andi Mack Series Finale: Who Came Clean? And Who Came Out? Grade It!

Happy endings abounded in the final episode of Disney Channel’s Andi Mack, even if they weren’t quite the endings that fans might have expected.

Let’s start with Andi, who revealed to her friends and family on Friday that she’s been accepted into art school; that was the phone call she received in the middle of Bex and Bowie’s wedding last week. An even bigger surprise came when Andi invited everyone into her shack, whose interior has been stripped completely bare and painted white. “I don’t need a shack anymore,” she explained. “I need a studio.”

As for Andi and Jonah, the former lovebirds didn’t formally get back together, but they did share a sweet little moment that offered hope for the future. After Jonah asked if he could keep the bracelet she made for him, Andi said, “I wonder what would’ve happened if we met when we were older,” to which Jonah replied, “Someday, we will be.” (Ugh, these two!)

Elsewhere in the finale…

* After kicking Kira to the curb for making him choose between her and Cyrus, TJ made a pair of shocking confessions: First, his full name is Thelonious Jagger. Second, he’s totally into Cyrus. (OK, maybe that second one wasn’t so shocking.)

* Buffy admitted to Marty that she still likes him the way he used to like her… to which he replied by saying that his feelings for her have never changed. And they kissed!

* Newlyweds Bex and Bowie got to celebrate their marriage with an official first dance to the tune of Nate Highfield’s “Never Seen Nothing Like You.”

Your thoughts on the Andi Mack finale? Grade Friday’s episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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