Amnesia sufferer gobsmacked over fortune of rare whisky collection

During tonight’s episode, Sybelle pays a visit to Ian, Wendy and their two border collies, Bonnie and Clyde. The couple uprooted their life for a fresh start in Scotland after a tragic workplace accident left Ian with amnesia. The couple are left gobsmacked when Sybelle reveals their rare whiskey collection is worth a lot of money.

Financial Controller Ian was found unconscious at work in 2007, leaving Wendy scrambling to the hospital in a panic.

She recalls: “I had a phone call from one of the colleagues he was working with to say he had an accident. I went in not knowing what to expect, and the look of fear on his face made me back off.”

After a round of tests, Ian was suffering from severe amnesia, leaving him with no memory of how he fell or of anything about his life before waking up in the hospital.

Emotionally, he explains: “After the accident, I had to rebuild my life from the ground upwards.

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“I didn’t know where I’d lived, I didn’t know the schools, I didn’t know my mum and dad. It was really, really difficult.”

Ian lost so much of his memory he couldn’t remember his wife, with Wendy recalling the incident as “stressful”.

But with Wendy’s help, Ian was able to piece together a picture of who he was before his accident, including his taste in whisky.

“I knew I had a whisky collection because my wife told me so,” he says. “But I didn’t know where it came from.”

Arriving at their house, Sybelle is left stunned at Ian’s collection of over 50 bottles and exclaims: “This is an amazing collection of whisky.

“I actually don’t know where to look!” before finding a limited-edition bottle of Glengoyne distilled on Christmas Day in 1967 in one of his cabinets.

“I think this bottle could be worth £400 to £600 alone,” she gasps. “Ian doesn’t remember putting this collection together but one thing is so obvious: he had a really good eye and I suspect what we call a really good palette.”

After rummaging through Ian’s collection, it was auction time with both Ian and Wendy keen to find out what fortune they were sitting on.

“Some I’m a bit sad to see go, but most of them, they don’t mean a lot to me,” Ian says. “We can have a holiday in the sun!”

As Ian and Wendy take their seats, and Sybelle steps up to the podium, it’s time to put the assortment of limited edition whiskies under the gavel.

The first bottle which is a Glenturret pulls in a whopping £250, with some bottles going in excess of £700 apiece.

A total of 46 bottles later, Ian and Wendy are looking at a tidy profit with Ian’s special edition bottle of highland single malt, distilled on Christmas Day almost 60 years ago rounding off the auction.

Starting at £400, a flurry of keen bids drives the price up. “Jesus wept!” Ian gasps, as bids continue to come in.

Eventually, the bottle goes for a staggering £950. “That’s amazing!” Ian says, with the couple walking away with £6,891.

Sybelle reveals to the shocked couple: “That’s a good way on your holiday!” with Ian exclaiming: “For things that have been collecting dust in the cupboard, that’s not bad at all!

“I will definitely be celebrating with a dram tonight!” to which Wendy added: “I get a good holiday out of it.”

The Edinburgh Auction House continues tonight at 9pm on Really and available to stream on Discovery+

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