American Pickers most outrageous moments: From 'mole people' to mummified bodies and abandoned theme parks

AMERICAN Pickers is a beloved TV show that keeps its fans engrossed with some really bizarre finds from mummified bodies to mole people.

The popular show has aired for 22 seasons and reached 5.7million viewers in 2016 and whose stars are "on a mission to recycle America."

American Pickers remains one of the most watched reality TV shows since its inception in 2010 and has given its viewers some truly whacky and weird moments.

The show’s plot centers around Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby traveling around the US in search of rare artifacts and special treasures they can purchase from collectors and resell in their antiques shops.

With some of their finds so bizarre, the show has been accused of being staged, but even if it is, American Pickers has given us plenty of memorable moments which we look back on now.

Captain Kirk in the House

When Hollywood legend William Shatner gives you a call because he just needs antique millstone for his garden, the American Pickers team are the ones to call.

Wolfe and Fritz got to work trying to find the millstone – a gigantic round rock tool from Europe used to process grain.

Being the antique legends that they are, the team found exactly what Shatner was looking for with the Star Trek legend simply declaring their work "fantastic".

Finding 'Mole Man'

Ron aka Mole Man and the American Pickers go way back with the reality TV team paying the eccentric collector multiple visits at his home 20 feet underground.

To originally make contact with Ron, Wolfe and Fritz had to sneak onto the property under which he lived and try to find his home amid the confusing mazes he's been building underground since 1965.

Mummy Issues

A guy called Homer Tate pioneered the 'roadside attraction' in the 1940s and 50s.

He honed his skills by making creepy "artefacts" for people to stop and gawk at during a pause in their travels.

His bizarre creations were made out of out of papier-mâché, mud, and real animal bones.

Best known for "The Thing," Tat created a 'mummified mother and child' telling punters they were the real deal.

The American Pickers were most interested in 'Wolf Boy' which Tate purported to be one of 26 mummies discovered in a Peruvian cave.

But the fanged feature was like much the rest of his collection, made by Tate's hand himself.

The White Stripes

Celebs of all strips love American Pickers and not even rock stars are immune to the show's wonders.

The Pickers had to quickly offload a taxidermy elephant's head and managed to find a buyer in Jack White who rose to fame in the rock band, The White Stripes.

White was so into the majestic animal he named the band's 2003 album Elephant.

He did not really want to pay the asking fee of more than $10,000 for the elephant head and managed to get a discounted price for the artefact.

White helped seal the deal by throwing in the first jukebox he oever owend and a black-and-white photobooth.

Van This Way

Before Aerosmith became global megastars they used to have to tour the country in an International Harvester, also known as a step van or walk-in or multi-stop delivery truck.

The American Pickers stumbled on the piece of rock history in a wooded field in Chesterfield, Massachusetts.

A member of the rock band confirmed the painted green van, decorated with a long-nosed cartoon character in a striped shirt doing jazz hands Aerosmith written next to it was indeed one of their early tour vans. 

Complete with Persian rugs, old beer cans and two mattresses the rock 'n' roll relic was definitely one of the group's cooler finds.

Abandoned Theme Park

There is probably nothing creepier than an abandoned theme park, with the American Pickers team proving so.

They visited the long-closed Eagle Park in 2013, with Danielle Colby removing old dodgem cars to take back with them.

The park was open from 1957 to 1985 and still had its old Ferris wheel standing and the 'Rocket Ride'.

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