American Idol contestant Erika Perry terrifies judges as she demands to 'speak to manager' in meltdown after elimination

AMERICAN Idol contestant Erika Perry terrified judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan when she had a meltdown after being eliminated. 

The singing hopeful was cut on tonight’s Hollywood Week episode and afterwards, she furiously demanded to “speak to the manager” in disbelief she didn’t make it through. 

The 26-year-old California college student previously said during her viral audition that the inspiration for her to go on the show was her ex-boyfriend. 

After being dumped days before going on Idol, Erika was adamant getting the Golden Ticket was the best revenge. 

Despite taking on the hefty task of singing Katy’s 2011 hit, ET, Erika made it through to Hollywood Week. 

However, her musical dreams were cut short when she was eliminated after her first performance on the big stage. 

The Orange County native sang In The Air tonight and after just a few seconds of singing, she nervously stopped. 

As she appeared to panic, she continued repeating “I need to start over, can I start over?”

Judge Katy told her to "calm down" and take deep breaths before she continued to finish the song. 

Minutes later, Erika found out her fate with the show and she was NOT chosen to proceed to the next round. 

As the rest of her pop group who was also eliminated exited the room, Erika walked over to the judges – who looked nervous. 

“Are you sure? Like I’m not even acting right now, seriously but are you sure?” Erika asked the panel. 

A tense Lionel Richie assured the heartbroken hopeful that the trio of superstar judges were “absolutely sure” of their decision. 

“I’m trying to not have an actual b***h fit because I can get angry and sassy real quick,” she yelled backstage. 

She then approached a producer and asked: “Who’s in charge of this? I’d like to speak to the manager. 

“I’ve been nice for years but I’m tired of being this nice college girl. No! I am done being nice!”

Erika concluded her rant screaming: “I’m a lunatic! Why do you think my ex dumped me? I’m a lunatic I will go f**king psycho!”

Country crooner Luke appeared terrified, and looked over at Lionel who was sitting closest to Erika as she walked out of the theatre. 

“Poor Lionel, you were closest to the danger zone,” he said with a cringe followed by a laugh. 

Fans slammed the antics on Twitter, with one writing: “Wth Erika making a scene. She's gone Karen on American Idol. She want to see the manager.”

“OMG! That Erika Perry look when she got eliminated had me dying laughing lolololol I'm so sorry, girl. It was the right call. Too bad. 

“Work on that breath support and finding yourself (instead of a man) He'll come along when you're complete,” another urged. 

One more claimed: “This Erika Perry performance… tragic.” 

“Yes, Erika. You were cut. You can't sing,” someone else fired off in a tweet. 

Another Twitter user gave some advice: “Erika could learn a HUGE life lesson in how to be humble when you lose from all these people who didn’t make it.”

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