All the signs Paige and Jacques were on the rocks before he quit Love Island

The Love Islanders have now officially all returned home after eight weeks of romance and drama that saw Ekin-Su and Davide crowned the winners.

But since the contestant's returns fans have been eager to know the status of Paige Thorne and Jacques O'Neill's relationship.

In one of the most shocking scenes of the series, Jacques made an explosive exit from the villa after he decided to quit the show when his relationship with Paige hit the rocks.

The pair had been one of the favourites to win the 2022 series, but Jacques couldn't resist the temptation during Casa Amor and kissed another girl.

The couple seemed to be reconciling when Jacques emotionally left the show after bombshell Adam Collard arrived.

Jacques told Paige he'd be waiting for her outside the villa and that he'd meet her at the airport. But now it's been reported that the once loved-up pair haven't spoken since leaving the villa, after Paige found new love with Adam.

Here's the signs that their relationship was on the rocks before Jacques quit the villa.

When Jacques called Paige 'pathetic'

Fans were first left concerned about Jacques' behaviour when he had an argument with Paige about the heart rate challenge.

Paige was unhappy that Jacques had had his heart rate raised the most by his ex-girlfriend, Gemma.

After the challenge, Jacques said to her: "I had a good night until the girls started sulking. What are you guys all sulking about? It's a challenge mate."

Paige responded: "What are you coming at me for? Who are you coming at? I know it's not me with that attitude."

To which Jacques replied: "Because your face – you're p***ed off about something so you either tell me or you don't".

Paige eventually opened up about her feelings to Jacques, but once she did he got angry and called her "pathetic".

Fans weren't happy with his attitude and accused him of "gaslighting" Paige.

When Paige broke down after Jacques told her to get to know Jay

Another bump in the road in Paige and Jacques' relationship came when bombshell Jay entered the villa.

Jay told the other Islanders that he wanted to get to know Paige better.

Jacques appeared to not be bothered about Jay's advances on Paige and even told her to get to know him — leaving her upset.

As she broke down in tears about the situation, Paige told Tasha: "The whole Jacques thing. He's like 'yeah go on have your conversation with Jay. But it's not what I want,

"I'm just a bit like are you pushing it that hard because you aren't feeling the same way?"

Fans felt sorry for Paige after the whole ordeal.

When Jacques fumed after Paige didn't join him by the pool

Jay eventually chose to couple up with Paige, and this caused even more drama for the pair.

While Paige was open to getting to know Jay, she made it very clear to him that she was still happy with Jacques and that she'd continue to act the same way with him.

Despite this, Jacques became obviously jealous of the pair and was left fuming when he asked Paige to go to the pool with him and she didn't immediately join him.

As he passed Paige in the kitchen he asked her to meet him by the pool and while Paige agreed she spent some more time chatting to Jay before joining Jacques later on.

But Jacques walked away angry as he told Andrew: “She’s f**led me off now, she can f**k off".

And said to Dami: “Now I am a bit…she’s maybe saying one thing to me then doing another.”

Fans were quick to call out the angry behaviour, with one viewer Tweeting: "Jacques is a walking red flag. You sacrificed your babes because your boy wanted to move to her.

"But because Paige hasn't come to talk to you by the pool, you want her to F off?? Scary scenes".

When Jacques cheated in Casa Amor

The biggest sign that Paige and Jaques' relationship was on the rocks came during Casa Amor.

In dramatic scenes Jacques had his head turned by Cheyanne and was seen kissing and sharing a bed with the new girl.

Meanwhile, Paige had remained loyal in Casa Amor. At the recoupling, Jacques decided to stay with Paige, but his antics were revealed when Laura Whitmore asked Cheyanne about her time in the villa.

Jacques attempted to defend his actions by saying he was only trying to "test" their relationship, but Paige said he could have done that without kissing another girl.

Communication issues after Casa Amor

One of the biggest issues between Paige and Jacques after the Casa Amor fallout wasn't the fact that he'd not been loyal in Casa Amor, but the communication issues that followed.

Jacques failed to even apologise to Paige at first as he said: "At the end of the day we’re both single and I think you forget that sometimes."

As they tried to have a conversation about what had happened Jacques appeared to be getting angry.

Frustrated at his behaviour, Paige said: “I’m still stood here talking to you and trying to understand you Jaques, to know where I stand and what the hell is going on.

“And all you’re giving me back is just immature behaviour.”

In an effort to improve on communicating his feelings to Paige, Jacques went on to leave a note in her bed that said "Miss you hunny bunz xxx" and wrote a long message on his phone that he read out to her.

In the message he told her: "I am prepared to wait as long as it takes for you to forgive me because I know I do not want anyone else but you."

When Jacques lost his temper again after Adam entered the villa

Things had started to look up for the pair when Jacques' communication issues got the better of him again after Adam Collard entered the villa.

When Gemma told Jacques that Adam had been "proper slagging him off" to Paige, he flew off the handle.

He proceeded to storm over to Paige, who was chatting to Billy at the time.

Jacques told Billy to "F**k off" while he fumed to Paige about Adam, saying: "Who the f**k's he? Just another geezer, what has he been on the show?

"He's f***ing nothing mate, do you know what I mean?"

Paige appeared shocked as she responded: "You don't need to rise to it and be like, bitey with it, do you know what I mean? What does it actually change? Nothing."

The outburst made Paige reconsider their relationship and shortly afterwards Jacques made the decision to leave the villa.

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