Abyss finale: Park Bo-Young and Ahn Hyo-Seop’s characters live happily ever after via confusing circumstance, Abyss still a mystery [Spoilers]

Abyss — the crime and science fiction K-drama airing on the Total Variety Network (tvN) — recently aired its finale. Prior to airing, many fans wondered what would happen as there were many different conflicts still going on. Not to mention, the Abyss itself is still a bit of a mystery.

Now that the finale has aired, fans finally got their answer. In Abyss, the main leads get their happily ever after. However, the conditions for such were very confusing. And, to make matters pertaining to the finale worse, we are left with the Abyss still being a mystery.

Abusing Abyss to save love

Before continuing, it should be noted the following on Abyss will definitely contain spoilers for the finale. This article is to help clarify any points from the finale that may be confusing.

For starters, the questions pertaining to Seo Ji-Uk, who was really Oh Tae-Jin, and his foster father Seo Cheon-Sik received closure. We find out that Seo Cheon-Sik’s son is really alive.

This is a reason why Cheon-Sik was willing to expose his relationship to Tae-Jin as a means to distance himself from him.

As for Oh Tae-Jin, he could not leave well alone and tried to murder Go Se-Yeon again for having his plans ruined. Unfortunately, Cha Min was able to stop him but in the process, the gun Tae-Jin fired off and shot Se-Yeon in the stomach.

In a state of disbelief, Cha Min gets the gun from Tae-Jin and shoots him in the leg to prevent him from escaping. Park Dong-Cheol, a detective who is friends with Se-Yeon and Cha Min, shows up before the rest of the authorities and gives the two time to leave the scene while arresting Tae-Jin.

This is where it gets confusing. Apparently, Cha Min “abused” Abyss when he used it to save Go Se-Yeon. As a result, when Se-Yeon is saved, Cha Min disappears. However, he promises to return to Se-Yeon somehow, someway.

Three years later, Cha Min is able to keep his promise and it is because he was able to use another Abyss to come back to life, one owned by a strange individual who happens to appear in Cha Min’s life.

This part is very confusing as it doesn’t really explain the purpose behind Abyss or why there are other Abyss artifacts. Nevertheless, Abyss brings Cha Min back to life and he and Go Se-Yeon live happily ever after.

Confusing but still popular

Despite Abyss being very confusing and to some extent slow to on its delivery, it was somewhat popular domestically in South Korea.

According to the ratings provided by AGB Nielsen Korea, the nationwide average for viewership is 2.662 percent while Seoul’s average is 3.192 percent.

For international viewers, especially those who live in the Americas, who want to give Abyss a chance, the entire series is available on Netflix. Take note that a Netflix subscription is necessary.

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