A Place in the Sun star Scarlette Douglas opens up on making show history

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Scarlette Douglas rose to fame on travel property programme A Place in the Sun. However, more recently the expert has teamed up with her brother Stuart as they launched two very different Channel 4 property programmes. Last month, the siblings made their debut with Flipping Fast, and later this year, they are set to launch another makeover show called Worst House on the Street.

However, this won’t be the first time viewers have seen the siblings present on TV together.

The pair first made their debut as a duo when presenting a special edition of Love it or List it, for Channel 4’s Black to Front project.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Scarlette and Stuart opened up about making show history as a sibling duo.

The A Place in the Sun presenter explained there has never been anyone like them doing property shows.

“There’s never been a sibling duo on UK TV doing property,” Scarlette began.

“You’ve got the Property Brothers over in the States but there’s not ever been anyone like Stuart and I doing it.

“We are young, we are fresh, we are different and we are black and I want to celebrate that.

“You know, we look at a lot of property shows and you don’t you see the same sort of people presenting them and I think that’s what I loved about Black to Front Day.

“Channel 4 looked at themselves and looked at the world that we live in and how diverse it is and how that’s not being represented on television and they wanted to make that change.”

Scarlette went on to praise Channel 4, as she discussed the duo landing their own show Flipping Fast, which also features George Clarke.

She continued: “Being a part of that to now having our own spin-off show off the back of that, is a testament to them, a testament to Stuart and I and also a testament to people that have put the work in that aren’t being seen.

“And it is about being seen and we want to do that as best as we can, and we want to show representation as best as we can.”

“And I think this is a fantastic way of doing that,” she said before adding: “So I’m celebrating that I’m celebrating the fact that we are a black brother and sister duo.”

The Channel 4 presenter also paid a sweet tribute to her brother as she discussed her hectic work schedule.

“Stuart is keeping me going because he’s always excited and happy,” Scarlette admitted.

“And anytime I’m like, ‘I don’t think I can do this,’ he just brings me back up.

“So, it’s just kind of having the right people around you that can get you through.

“But it’s great, I love what I do, and I love my job. They’re all very different but I wouldn’t change it for the world, I really wouldn’t.”

Stuart may not be used to the limelight like his sister, but he has worked alongside Scarlette as they continue to run their own property business.

When discussing how he is coping with being in the public eye, Scarlette joked: “He’s not letting it go to his head at all.

“But I think what’s great for Stuart is that he’s come in straight away as a primetime presenter.

“I’ve obviously done all the daytime stuff and it’s a very different ballgame, that’s for sure. So, he’s just coming in loving it.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4 and Worst House on the Street is expected to air in September.

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