90 Day Fiancé’s Ashley Martson claims Vanderpump’s Jax Taylor called her ‘poor white trash’ as fans demand he be fired – The Sun

90 Day Fiance's Ashley Martson claimed Vanderpump Rules's Jax Taylor called her 'poor white trash' as fans call for his firing.

Former VPR star Faith Stowers and Billie Lee have also joined Ashley as they call for Bravo to fire the 40-year-old.

Ashley took to Instagram to post yet another horrible message Jax allegedly sent her.

In the first comment, Jax wrote that her husband Jay Smith was a "douchebag."

He continued: "Both of these two are idiots. You have a kid for God's sake."

Along with that comment, she also shared a private message she allegedly received from the VPR star.

In the message, he wrote: "Pathetic you are … I know everyone at TLC, they all make fun of you … you are poor white trash ..

"Your daughter is in for a world of hurt cause her mom's a complete fool … even your dumb friends have messaged me saying you want to be famous and you're not smart .. your own friends, I can't wait to post this …

"Your own friends call you pathetic as well as the people on the show .. call me when your poor daughter or son needs rehab cause their mom is an iditot.

"And sweetie, you have a fuppa."

This isn't the first time that Ashley has claimed Jax has attacked her and her husband as she joined calls for the VPR to get fired a week ago.

The reality star shared a screenshot of a comment that Jax left under one of her pictures from 2018, in which he referenced Jay's nose.

She penned alongside the snap: "Did y’all see bravo fired four cast members?

"Well @bravotv don’t leave out old Jax Taylor who harassed us when our show first aired. If you don’t understand why I find this racist please watch my story. Education is key."

Later on her Instagram Stories, Ashley explained that Jax's comment, in which he penned: "Your mans nose is the size of his head…", was racist.

The TLC star, who got back together with Jay in March following a five-month split, shared: "When your nose or my nose is referenced as large it’s probably just a large nose.

"Black people have been historically colored to an ape or monkey, meant to be derogatory.

"One of the most well known racial stereotypes is referencing a black persons nose, again suggesting it is similar to that of an ape.”

She later then took to her Stories again and penned a lengthy post about people needing to get educated about black history.

Ashley vented: "I try to be understanding with people who don't understand, or are not educated, in black history.

"I too was naive and uneducated. I'm still learning everyday. I did dumb s**t. I was once a Karen.

"I had to sit down and put time in to learn why things were wrong. I had to address my ignorance and apologize for it."

Adding: "Some of y'all need to learn that when you mess up saying sorry isn't enough. You need to educate yourself so you don't hurt people again!

"One thing I didn't do, was go on rants to people on their own personal pages with my ignorant a** because I don't agree with them.

"If you don't know what you're talking about, or don't like what you see, please stfu and get off it. I have no problem responding to someone who just doesn't understand.

"I don't have time to debate with ignorant a** people. It's that simple."

The latest claims came after VPR's Billie Lee has called for Jax to be "canceled" after she claimed he “refused to film” with her because she’s transgender.

Billie, 36, tweeted at the network: "What about Jax Taylor? He refused to film with me because I was trans and called him out on his white cis privilege.

"Stop celebrating his disgusting actions," she fummed along with a "cancel Jax Taylor" hashtag.

In August 2019, Billie told In Touch that when she first joined season six of Vanderpump Rules, the cast told her not to talk to Jax.

"When it comes to Jax, there were some things that I overheard him say off-camera that I thought was very alarming," she said to the magazine.

The reality star said she initially wanted to "inspire" him to "be a better person."

She shared: "I really tried to have that moment with Jax but then I did realize he’s just an awful person."

Former VPR star Faith Stowers also stood by both women as she said he was worse than the rest of the VPR cast.

Faith told Entertainment Tonight of Jax: "He's said very, very mean things to new cast members.

"He did not receive me and Lala Kent very well when we first started.

"He said very mean things to us as well, later on apologizing.

"But it seems like he continues to get away with everything he does and I'm not sure why, especially at his age.

"It's not like he's doing this as a young adult, as a kid and just making these little mistakes young people sometimes do."

Following this series of accusations, Jax and his wife Brittany Cartwright have lost sponsorship deals.

Even Jax's best friend, Lance Bass has lost all faith on the reality TV star and said on his podcast, The Daily Popcast with Lance Bass: “He will lose out. I do not see Bravo keeping him.

“I have a feeling soon this will be done. It gets bigger and bigger.”

The blogger's call-to-action was sent out the same day Bravo revealed Stassi Schroeder and cast mate Kristen Doute will not return to the series after it was discovered they once called the cops on VPR alum Faith Stowers.

Earlier this week, Bravo issued a statement that also revealed newcomers Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni will not return after racist tweets were uncovered.

"Bravo and Evolution Media confirmed today that Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni will not be returning to Vanderpump Rules," the TV giant confirmed.

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