'90 Day Fiancé': Charlie Potthast's Wife Pushes Back on 'Trailer Trash' Comments

90 Day Fiancé fans have been itching to see Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast throw down, given how much the two seem to dislike one another. The tension finally boiled over at a cookout thrown by Chuck Potthast — he claimed he intended to get his family back together without everyone fighting. 

Andrei and Charlie threw that out the window and got right down to it. Megan Potthast backed up her husband and joined Charlie in the fight. Megan allegedly scratched Libby Potthast, and Becky Potthast wound up calling Charlie and Megan’s behavior trashy, essentially calling her trailer trash. Now, Megan is fighting back on social media. 

Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast fight 

Chuck Potthast’s attempts at reuniting his family at a peaceful cookout did not go over well with the family. 90 Day Fiancé star Andrei Castravet and his brother-in-law, Charlie Potthast, were at each other’s throats very quickly. 

Charlie entered the scene looking as if he expected trouble and immediately stirred things up by telling everyone to “call the cops” when he arrived. Andrei Castravet pushed his buttons by telling him to “take a seat you b—-.”

Andrei stepped up to Charlie, and the two escalated the situation into a fight. Andrei Castravet clearly had the better of Charlie Potthast — he took Charlie down and had him pinned very quickly, and the two had to be separated. 

Megan Potthast stepped in during the fight to try and assist her husband against Andrei, and according to Elizabeth Potthast, Megan scratched her face. That’s when Becky started calling them trash. 

Charlie Potthast’s wife defends against ‘trash’ comments

Megan Potthast took to Instagram to defend herself against 90 Day Fiancé fans and the rest of the Potthast family. After Andrei Castravet’s fight with Charlie Potthast, she posted various comments on her story explaining how they’re not trash. 

“Kids are back in school! Just deep cleaned my whole house. Does that make me trailer trash?” she wrote. Megan Potthast then listed various qualifiers that apparently indicate she’s not trailer trash — including some pretty questionable ones. You can find the Instagram story saved on Reddit here.

For example, according to Megan, she’s “never been diagnosed with a mental health disorder,” contributing to her not being trailer trash. That’s pretty ableist — having mental health diagnoses does not make one “trashy.”

Some of Megan’s other qualifiers included “cleaning your own house, being with the same man for almost 21 years, working hard your entire life, growing up in the same neighborhood as my FIL, not doing drugs, [and] drinking maybe once a week.”

Megan Potthast says Andrei and Libby betrayed them

According to Megan Potthast, 90 Day Fiancé couple Andrei and Libby threw her and Charlie Potthast under the bus in the past. She listed their wedding as an example on her Instagram story. 

“Did you and Charlie ever get along with Andrei? Were you close to Libby before the show?” asked an Instagram user. 

“I got them their free American wedding which [Andrei] took credit for. My best friend was a photographer at the venue and she helped talk the venue into hooking them up,” Megan replied. 

“I NEVER even received a thank you. I also made sure my FIL had a nice suit and spoke to vendors to help them. I never had anything against either one. I didn’t agree with the way he spoke to my family on multiple occasions and I thought asking for 100k was ridiculous but other than that I could care less,” she added.

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