7 Casualty spoilers: Charlie breaks down over Duffy worries

The Casualty family come together in tonight’s episode when Charlie (Derek Thompson) reaches breaking point over caring for Duffy (Cathy Shipton) through her dementia. Robyn (Amanda Henderson), meanwhile, struggles to overcome her anger about the incident when Duffy lost Charlotte.

Archie (Genesis Lynea) has Will (Jack Nolan)’s back when he’s not feeling at his best, but once again Mason (Victor Oshin) is ruffling feathers as he tries to continue his winning streak. And the team have their hands full when an incident on a golf course produces three casualties and an emotional tangle. Here are all the spoilers to look out for.

1. Duffy’s looking like her old self again – but that’s because she’s got her nurse’s uniform on and she’s all ready for work. A stressed and saddened Charlie has to explain to her that she’s not going to work, and in fact a carer is coming to stay with her while he goes to work himself. And to add to his worries, Charlie has no idea how he’s going to pay for Duffy’s care long-term.

2. For once, Rash (Neet Mohan) and Mason aren’t working together – much to Rash’s relief as he’s still irritated after Mason got all the glory last week when he saved a patient’s life during a live-streamed boxing match. Mason grabs his chance to impress Dylan (William Beck) once again – but will Dylan see through him?

3. Will has the hangover from hell and Archie covers for him – but can he cope when there’s a very delicate procedure to perform?

4. Robyn is finding it very hard to forgive Charlie after Charlotte went missing recently. She feels that Charlie put her daughter in danger by not letting her know how bad Duffy’s condition had become. And when Charlotte once again vanishes, Robyn panics.

5. Mason’s not having the best day – even his home-made chocolate brownies are not having the impact he’d hoped. But when a patient’s complex symptoms have all the other doctors puzzled about a cause, Mason thinks he’s found the answer.

6. We meet three people on a golf course and there’s fun to be had in trying to guess which one of them the ambulance will have to be called for first, and why. Once the casualties have been safely delivered to the ED, the staff have to use all their medical skills as well as tact, diplomacy and detective work to untangle a delicate situation.

7. Charlie is driven to the brink of despair when Duffy’s behaviour gets even more irrational and even violent. This leads him to some very un-Charlie-like behaviour which has unpleasant consequences for a patient. As the team realise that Charlie is desperately in need of their help, will he be able to allow himself to let go and accept their support?

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