3 big Coronation Street spoilers as Amy Barlow in danger

Alexandra Mardell teases a return to Coronation Street

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Griff Reynolds (played by Michael Condron) returns to Weatherfield after his plan to cause terror on the cobbles failed. He’s keen to get Max Turner (Paddy Bever) to tell the police didn’t plant the bomb in the Speed Daal van but the youngster wants to distance himself from the extremist. Elsewhere on Coronation Street, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) could be put in danger as Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths) continues with his plan to use the Bistro to run his drugs business. Express.co.uk has the big spoilers for next week on Coronation Street.

Amy Barlow’s life is in danger

n the bistro, Damon introduces Leanne (Jane Danson) to Dan, a fruit and veg supplier and tells her he can do her a far better deal.

Jacob’s (Jack James Ryan) left suspicious when Damon tells him Dan’s first delivery is due this afternoon and hidden in the crate of olive oil will be a package containing drugs.

Expecting the first drugs delivery Jacob is stressed when a party of police officers arrive for a retirement do with their sniffer dog in tow.

A crate of olive oil is delivered and Jacob manages to get the package out and leaves the Bistro.

When the sniffer dog barks at the crate Craig heads for Jacob’s flat. Is the game up?

Back in the bistro, Leanne and Ryan (Ryan Prescott) check through the rest of the delivery boxes wondering what on earth set the dog barking.

In the ginnel, Damon gives Jacob a beating and tells him that if he wants to protect Amy, he needs to disappear for good.

Jacob tells Nick (Ben Price) how Damon is smuggling drugs through the restaurant and he has no choice but to leave as Amy’s life is in danger.

Hearing Amy entering the flat, a desperate Jacob pretends he’s on the phone dealing drugs.

Amy’s horrified to think he’s up to his old tricks. What will she do?

Max Turner prepares to leave Weatherfield

David (Jack P Shepherd) is treading carefully around Max and Spider (Martin Hancock) assures him that Max is a good kid.

Spider explains David just needs to have faith in Max, who later meets up with Lauren.

She reveals she’s going to stay with her Mum in Devon and that he should come with her as they’re both public enemy number one. What will Max decide?

It seems Max initially decides to stay on the cobbles but when he skives off school he admits to Gail (Helen Worth) that he can’t face people at the moment.

Will the be sent to join Shona (Julia Goulding) and Lily in London?

Daisy Midgeley keeps admirer secret from Daniel

When Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) falls in love with a wedding venue way out of her budget she is thrilled when they tell her that they can do it for half the price on the second Monday of May.

Unfortunately Daniel (Rob Mallard) reveals he can’t make that day because he now has a job teaching.

Daisy plans to go to an event at a hotel where a top DJ is playing and hopes to try and book him for her wedding.

She tells Daniel she still wants to get married in May but he is less than enthusiastic about her plans.

He claims it is too soon to get married and so miffed, Daisy heads to the event where she flirts with the DJ.

She puts her number in his phone and posts photos of them partying online.

Later, when Daniel asks to speak to Daisy in private she is expecting a row but he shows her the brochure for Charlesworth Hall, the posh wedding venue.

Daniel reveals he’s managed to book the time off and the wedding is set for the 8th May.

When Daisy receives a bouquet of flowers from the DJ, she hides the card and hands the flowers to Daniel making out she bought them for him.

Could she have an affair before she’s even married Daniel?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm.

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