X Factor legend Honey G told to wear short skirts to avoid being recognised

X Factor star Honey G was advised to start wearing "short skirts" to avoid being recognised by fans.

The music star spoke exclusively to the Daily Star during an Instagram Live where she revealed her manager had given her such advice soon after she shot to fame.

The TV star, 41, explained how she used to be hounded so much by fans that she debated changing her signature look.

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Honey G told us how she told her manager she really "wanted to go shopping" but was aware of how her fans would react.

So her manager at the time told her to take off her cap and put on a "short skirt" for the occasion.

Nowadays, Honey G is wanted to dress "a bit more sexy" since she underwent a major fitness transformation.

The 2016 star has fallen in love with fitness since leaving the show seven years ago and looks worlds apart from her TV look.

Honey G, Anna Gilford, talked about her impressive weight loss journey after shedding two stone.

She said: "Yeah something like that, it did drop off quite a lot, and I hadn't realised it was that much I'd lost.

"But it's really exciting my fitness journey and I enjoy working out so much, running and working out is really my happy place."

Honey G is mainly recognised while wearing her classic look which consists of sunglasses, a cap, and a bomber jacket, but says she is styling herself more "sexily".

However, more recently, the star had been seen at VIP events showing off a more glamorous side, which she says she's been more willing to do since her weight loss.

She continued: "After my weight loss, I've been more inspired to dress in clothes that make me feel more attractive, a bit more sexy, a bit more tight-fitting.

"But listen, I can wear whatever I want. If I want to wear a dress, I can, if I want to wear a bomber jacket, I can.

"I'm not really bothered about what put on it's more about how I feel on that day, but I do have a lot more confidence now in dressing in something more tightly-fitted.

"Though today is a tracksuit day, I'm going to put my Adidas tracksuit on and literally be really comfortable, it's all about switching it up."


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