Why Hailey Bieber Used To Feel ‘Sad’ For Justin

Cancel culture is undeniably a huge driving force of the content we tolerate on and off social media. Almost any celebrity you can think of has been at risk of cancel culture at least once or twice in their careers. For some artists, such as DaniLeigh or Daniel Caesar, the concept of cancel culture can result in the hindering of their careers. One celeb who has previously felt the pressures of cancel culture and the media is none other than Justin Bieber.

Considering the level of fame Bieber has, it’s safe to assume his every move is observed under a microscope. The “Yummy” singer faced controversy in early April 2021 for including a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. interlude on his sixth studio album, Justice, per Fox News. Fortunately, Bieber has his wife Hailey’s compassion to help him navigate his stardom. This is why Hailey says used to be “sad” for Justin. 

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