Virgins Richard Branson left with horrific injuries after colossal bike crash

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Virgin mogul Richard Branson, 71, has been left with horrific injuries following a 'colossal' bike crash in the British Virgin Islands.

The business icon was involved in a charity endurance race when the brakes on his bicycle failed and he crashed, leaving him with severe cuts and bruises.

Richard was on the island of Tortola when the incident occurred, and revealed he had an "extraordinarily big bump" on the top of his head, alongside lacerations across his body.

Posting to Instagram, Richard explained: "Recovering well from a colossal cycling crash. Thankfully we’re ok, but some big bumps and bruises!"

The Virgin founder could be seen holding an ice pack, with a tear in his shirt across his shoulder which showed reddened skin beneath.

His biking pal explained: "We had to brake very hard, there was a van in front of us.

"Richard, in a very nice and gentle manner said to me, 'My brakes are failing!'

"Next thing I know, he jumped on my bike and we both crashed. I’ve never had someone push me off the road and apologise in advance. It was very gentle and nice of him, I've got to say!" he chuckled, seeming in good humour despite the accident.

Richard insisted: "I did try to pass you! I was gathering such speed with no brakes!"

As his friend bantered back: "Well, you said I make a good cushion!"

Richard also revealed a "massive" hematoma on his leg after the crash.

He admitted in a blog post that there was "no question" his life was saved by wearing a helmet.

He explained that he and his cycling team lay "flat out on the road" to recover from the accident.

But the horror accident wasn't over, as Richard explained: "The team stopped traffic, and we got up and headed over to a van to head to Virgin Gorda hospital.

"Just as we did so, another van came hurtling round the corner and careened into another vehicle right where we had just been lying."

It isn't the first bad cycling accident Richard has suffered, after cracking his chin and tearing several ligaments in 2016.

He added in his emotional blog post: "For those of us lucky to have had horrible near misses and got up and walked away, we're very blessed.

"So many people don't walk away. But I won’t stop taking on challenges and adventures – it’s how I’ve always lived my life."

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