Vicky Pattison in tears as she says periods ‘suck’ in emotional post

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has taken to social media to share an emotional post about how she struggles when she has her period.

Vicki told on the social media platform how the first day of her period "sucks".

The emotional actress listed a variety of times she cried today and asked fans if she was "not alone" in feeling so out of control and becoming this "unrecognisable, angry, giant uterus".

And she shared a picture of her with her post – showing her with tears in her eyes as she smiles and holds a piece of chocolate.

She said: "The first day of your period sucks… SO HARD!!! The bloat, the cramps, the breakouts, the fatigue, the rollercoaster of emotions, the tampons, the desire to consume every sweet treat in the world….

"Days like today I just feel so out of control of my body and don’t even get me started on my mind- I don’t even recognise myself.. my emotions are out of control.."

She went on: "For example, Reasons I cried today: – I miss my sister- I’d ran out of toilet roll when I sat down for a wee and had to shake.

"I read a tweet about why @davidattenborough had joined instagram and his reasons were so noble (first cry) and then I felt so sad that he was getting older and we just don’t deserve him (second David Attenborough related cry)."

"Jake asked Amy to marry him in Brooklyn nine nine (those two were alway meant to be together).

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"ercan is going to @sheeshchigwell tonight without me and I love @sheeshchigwell
– I realised in the pic I look like Conan the Barbarian.

"I have no doubt that the next tears will be about the fact that I am almost finished this chocolate bar GODDAMMIT IT!!!!!

"Ladies, please tell me that I am not alone… that once a month you feel like you lose the battle with your hormones and become this unrecognisable, angry, giant uterus who’s chocolate lust will never be satisfied?!!

"Or am I not normal?! (Queue the tears)."

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And many of Vicky's fan were quick to console the star and tell her they could relate.

One said: "Oh it's REAL. It's vile. I literally have to check out of life for a couple of days cos I can't do anything. Pyjama life. Self pity life. All of the food life. It's madness."

Vicky gave fans a crucial update on her relationship status earlier this month after they quizzed her about tying the knot with her boyfriend.

The reality star has been dating former The Only Way Is Essex hunk Ercan Ramadan since 2018 and sparked rumours in December that they were getting ready to walk down the aisle together.

She put the rumours to bed in a candid discussion during a question and answer session on social media.

One daring fan took to the comments section to ask former Geordie Shore star Vicky whether she has any intentions of marrying Ercan any time soon and she didn't hold back with her update.

Speaking via the Black Tower Wine Instagram account, Vicky said: "You're lucky that I haven't f**king kicked him out."

After dropping a hint that the lovers had discussed marriage, she went on to say: "I'm so lucky to have had Ercan during lockdown. He's very positive, he likes to workout just like me. He loves his food, which I love, and we don't disagree too much unless it's over the TV."

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