Steak to spam Duran Duran following Andrea Bocelli mocked by Jubilee Concert viewers

Party at the Palace: Duran Duran perform with Nile Rodgers

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Duran Duran are riding high right now, basking in their recently announced 2022 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The 1980s legends joined a stellar line-up tonight at the Platinum Jubilee Party concert in front of Buckingham Place and a host of home-grown and international music stars. Simon Le Bon led the band in renditions of classic hits including Notorious and Girls on Film – with a guest star catwalk strut from Naomi Campbell. However, many of the reactions from viewers focussed on rather harsh comparisons with Andrea Bocelli, who had performed immediately before.

Dave Connor said: “Love Duran Duran but if they’d told me I was on straight after Andrea Bocelli had absolutely smashed it I’d have phoned in sick.”

Tom Wright wrote: “Imagine booking Andrea Bocelli and thinking ‘Nessun Dorma will be a good warm-up act for Duran Duran.”

Keith said: “Can we have some more Andrea Bocelli? Simon Le Bon sounds like me singing in the shower.”

 Adam added: “Andrea Bocelli to Duran Duran is like going from steak to spam” and the classic band weren’t the only ones in the line of fire. Another British legend was also mercilessly mocked.

Lucy Betteridge-Dyson said: “I love a bit of Duran Duran but they really should have stopped performing at least 20 years ago. Sorry lads, just all feels a bit awkward now.

While Alison said: “Duran Duran need to up their game for their rock and roll hall of fame induction. Sounded off tonight with notorious. Le Bon was a bit shouty in parts.

Harket Sparkles said: “Duran Duran easily the worst performance so far. Simon Le Bon was basically just shouting.”

Sharon Heinrich also took issue with the material selected: “Notorious? So many better songs you could have chosen Simon.”

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Viewers were even harsher about Rod Stewart who performed his hit Baby Jane and then, confusingly, Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline.

Rob Powell said: “Do you reckon Andrea Bocelli was nervous having to follow that vocal performance from Rod Stewart?”

Doug Turnbull was even blunter: “One song for Andre Bocelli and they let Rod Stewart murder two.”

However, there was also a rush of support for Duran Duran on social media, with Mrs O saying: “Duran Duran…marvellous!! If I wasn’t feeling nostalgic before, I am now.”

Clare McCreesh said: “Duran Duran are one of the very, very few bands who have gotten better and better over the years. Their recent albums are amongst their best, and there’s really not many long-running artists you can say that about.”

The band certainly divided viewers right down the middle. Shed Hener posted: “Duran Duran just reminded me why I thought they were shite in the 80s” but Ian Welsh wrote: “Duran Duran have still got it, absolutely fantastic!”

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