Piers Morgan shares cheeky note Holly Willoughby wrote for him in her book

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby sent former Great Morning Britain host Piers Morgan a copy of her new self help book Reflections: The Inspirational Book Of Life Lessons and included a cheeky message inside.

The 40-year-old beauty poked fun at the former GMB host's argumentative nature while leaving a message for Piers.

She penned: "To Piers…Here’s something else for you to moan about. Maybe you’ll find something you like…Huge love, Holly x”

The tagline for Holly’s book is ‘Life lessons on finding beauty – inside and out’ and Piers used this to hit back at Holly.

The 56-year-old presenter posted Holly’s message on Instagram alongside the caption: "Some of us don’t need any lessons on ‘finding beauty’ Ms Willoughby, but I’m enjoying this book more than I feared…congrats!”

Piers resigned from hosting Good Morning Britain in March and has a hosting gig for a TV show in the pipeline, which he has labelled "fearless forum for lively debate" which will "celebrate the right of everyone to have an opinion", alongside writing for The Sun.

Despite his words of praise for Holly, Piers has recently gotten himself into disagreements due to his quick wit and savage tongue. Brighton and Hove City Council Leader Phelim Mac Mafferty flew to the COP26 summit held in Glasgow.

The summit, which gathers leaders from around the world, focusses on climate change and possible resolutions. He gave a speech on cutting carbon emissions but Piers called him out on Twitter, writing: “Is there ANYONE at #COP26 who's not a flaming eco-hypocrite?”

Council Leader Mac Cafferty, who is also the Leader of Brighton and Hove’s Green Party, apologised and said that he was afraid his train may have been cancelled.

He said: "In the Friday evening just gone, I took a flight from London to Glasgow to attend COP26 where I had been invited to represent the city at a presentation of the Glasgow Declaration on Saturday morning.

“This decision to fly was a major failure of my judgement which goes against my political group’s pledges and principles, and I unreservedly apologise.”

Piers also recently debated with renowned physicist Brian Cox about the Big Bang theory. He, once again, shared his views on Twitter, this time about atheism: "Atheists can never say what was there before the Big Bang. They just say 'nothing' but they can't explain what 'nothing' actually is.

"No human brain can, which is why I believe in something that has superior powers to the human brain."

Professor Brian Cox replied saying there are some possible explanations as to how the Earth could have come from "nothing".

He said: "If you mean the Hot Big Bang then there may have been a period of rapid expansion before known as inflation.

"This theory is able to account for observed features of the universe, including the CMB power spectrum and the flatness and horizon problems."

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